File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.7.3 - Source

Release Notes

source tar.gz archive suitable for installation with "./configure; make; sudo make install" - requires *-dev libs for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, and optionally SDL_Pango. This release fixes a bug with installation to non-default locations (e.g. "./configure --prefix=FOO"). Some issues with font loading have also been addressed

Change Log

03 Feb 2009 - svn revision 856 Version 1.7.3 [ David Bruce <> ] - updated LoadFont() to include the hard-coded hackery for all of the bundled fonts. Also, (IMPORTANT), now the function attempts to load the default font if it fails to load the desired font, instead of just segfaulting. An appropriate message is printed to stderr. - fix to ConvertToUTF8() to support correct behavior on MacOSX - fix to top-level because a file was going into $prefix/doc/PACKAGE rather than the correct $prefix/share/doc/PACKAGE 14 Jan 2009 - svn revision 856 [ David Bruce <> ] - fixed SetupPaths() - really, the correct path should _always_ be DATA_PREFIX, and SetupPaths() should just confirm that and check for the theme data path under it. There should be no need for the hard- coded choices, which were just covering up the mistake.

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