File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.9.0

Release Notes

Updates between 3.8.2 and 3.9.0:
+ deprecate old (pre 3.3) file database format. Warn loudly
  when the database is still using that format.
+ new features
- support Sources/Package.diff downloading
  (Use DownloadListsAs if you want to force .gz downloading instead)
- support falling back to other compressions of index files when
  not downloadable at first.
- changestool can now also look in .lzma files for .dsc section/priority
- delete .new files in dists/ on error unless --keeptemporaries
- new 'warning' state for FilterList
- set REPREPRO_FROM and REPREPRO_CAUSING_RULE in some log notifiers
+ bug fixes:
- reenable workaround for apt-methods having problem with existing
  files which got lost in 3.8
- fix bug not looking at DownloadListsAs in all cases
- bugfix in misparsing some .diff files for section/priority retrieval
- do not stop when incomplete downloads or other stray files are in the pool

Change Log

        * Implement force.<compression> as DownLoadListAs item to download an
        index not found in the Release file.
        * warn if database is in old format

        * also continue downloading index files after failure to get the
        prefered one in the IgnoreRelease case.

        * regression fix: when updating with IgnoreRelease, old index
        files were no longer deleted in 3.8 before telling the apt-methods to
        download new ones, which can trigger buggy behaviour in those.
        * if one index file fails to be downloaded, try the next one
        (except for updates with IgnoreRelease, yet)

        * fix bug not taking all DownloadListAs into account when multiple
        update rules requests the same index file to be downloaded.
        * if a .diff/Index file does not list the available Packages file
        or if not for targeted file, proceed with other ways to retrieve
        * add .diff processing as first default when there is no

        * support using Packages.diff when updating.
        (Fallback to other methods not yet supported, so not yet enabled
         in the default DownloadlistsAs)

        * fix some bugs in --nothingiserror handling

        * move handling of downloaded files from aptmethod.c to
        the code queuing the files. (refactorisation in preparation of later

        * fix race condition causing external uncompressors sometimes
        to catch a sigpipe if their output is closed before they receive
        the signal to kill them.
        * changestool now supports looking into lzma files
        (and bz2 files even when not compiled against libbz2), if
        external uncompressors are available.
        * fix bug extracting the Section and Priority from .diff
        files if control was not the first file in it.
        * fix bug .diff parsing's exception to also allow diff
        generated files.

        * log notifiers get variables REPREPRO_CAUSING_RULE and
        REPREPRO_FROM set when adding packages via update/pull.
        The later also in copy* and restore* commands.
        * delete unexpected (i.e. not registered in the database)
        files in pool when trying to replace with new ones.

        * add --keeptemporaries and without it delete all .new files when
        exporting fails (and not only Release) and with it keep all
        (including Release). Also fix gpg error message to not suggest trying
        it with a file that later will be deleted.

        * add 'warning' flag for FilterList files
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