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Release Name: TuxMath 1.7.2 - Source

Release Notes

Source tar.gz archive for TuxMath 1.7.2, including the Andika font. Suitable for installation on Unix-style systems using a simple "./configure; make; make install". This now includes MacOSX as long as you have the needed libs (tested on MacOS 10.5 "Leopard"). Build requires the *-dev files for SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and either SDL_ttf or SDL_Pango. GNU Gettext is no longer required for installation. All of these should be easily available in most GNU-Linux distributions. The GNU Autotools are not needed to build from this package.

Change Log

2009.Mar.12 ( - revision 937) Version 1.7.2 Build- some minor tweaks to tuxmath.desktop and specfiles. Doc - update of README, INSTALL for new release David Bruce <> 2009.Mar.06 ( - revision 929) Text drawing - SDL_extras revamp done, AFAIK - supports resetting of font sizes and run-time changing of fonts (new field added to options struct for current font name). David Bruce <> 2009.Mar.04 ( - revision 922) Text drawing - implemented Set_SDL_Pango_Font_Size() in SDL_extras.c so that BlackOutline() e.g. now use the font size argument, albeit still with a slight hack. David Bruce <> 2009.Mar.03 ( - revision 919) i18n - marking of some additional strings in campaign.c and credits.c for translation. David Bruce <> 2009.Mar.03 ( - revision 918) Text drawing - all of text drawing now encapsulated within SDL_extras. Other code no longer has any SDL_ttf-specific data or includes. Tuxmath no longer depends on any specific fonts as long as SDL_Pango is available. David Bruce <> 2009.Feb.28 Text drawing - as all of this is handled by functions within SDL_extras, there isn't any need for code elsewhere in the program to have to know about TTF fonts - changed BlackOutline() to take int size parameter instead of a TTF_Font* parameter. With a little more work we can confine all mention of SDL_Pango/SDL_ttf to within SDL_extras. When this is done, we will not have any dependencies on specific fonts (or need to bundle them) whenever SDL_Pango is available. David Bruce <> 2009.Feb.28 Build - added and, which are processed by configure to give the corresponding specfiles. tuxmath.spec is for rpm packaging of official releases. tuxmath_preview.spec generates rpm packages with "tuxmath_preview" as the title, but otherwise identical. David Bruce <> 2009.Feb.17 ( - revision 892) Fix convert_utf filename in CMake build. Eliminate the last few warnings (David got almost all of them), so now tuxmath builds without any compiler warnings. Tim Holy <> 2009.Feb.15 ( - revision 889) build - moved linebreak-related code back to /linebreak, adjusted autotools files. The code in /linebreak is now built as a static library when using the autotools build. David Bruce <> 2009.Feb.09 ( - revision 876) i18n - modified credits text slightly (replaced empty line strings "" with " ") because otherwise the wrapping text truncates the credits at the first blank line. David Bruce <> 2009.Feb.06 ( - revision 873) Put two more strings in highscore.c under the domain of gettext. Tim Holy <> 2009.Feb.06 ( - revision 872) Add the facility to use translatable versions of "SCORE" and "WAVE". To enable, define REPLACE_WAVESCORE upon compilation (disabled by default, because they don't look as nice). Tim Holy <> 2009.Feb.06 ( - revision 871) Moved linewrapping source files into main src directory and adjusted autotools files accordingly. Note - plan to combine most of the libgettextpo-derived files into one larger file to reduce clutter. David Bruce <> 2009.Feb.04 ( - revision 869) Added algorithmic linewrapping to the code. This should make life easier for the translators. This works with the CMake build. Needs to have the autotools build incorporated. Tim Holy <> 2009.Feb.01 ( - revision 860) Build - small changes to get the CMake build working with intl. This allows the OS X build to work. Tim Holy <>

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