File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.7.4 - Windows

Release Notes

Executable win32 installer for Tuxtype-1.7.4 This release mainly reflects internal code cleanup; user-visible changes are minor. Users of tuxtype-1.7.2 don't really need to upgrade, although testing is very welcome.

Change Log

03 Mar 2009 ( - revision 932) Version 1.7.4 [ David Bruce <> ] - Build - updated to only link to SDL_ttf when SDL_Pango is unavailable; also added configure option "--without-sdlpango" to facilitate testing of program when SDL_ttf is used. 03 Mar 2009 ( - revision 923) [ David Bruce <> ] - Text drawing - encapsulation of all calls to SDL_ttf and SDL_Pango to within SDL_extras.c/.h. The rest of the program no longer "knows" which text library is being used. Now, since SDL_ttf is no longer used at all whenever SDL_Pango is available, we don't need any specific fonts for Linux. 22 Feb 2009 svn revision 903 [ David Bruce <> ] - lots of general code cleanup to eliminate most of the compiler warnings, including removal of remaining incorrect uses of "unsigned char". - addition of "make dist_with_fonts_bzip2" target to help support OpenSUSE build service integration. - beginning of VERSION "1.7.4.preview" - cleanup of alphabet.c with addition of pointer safety checks and fix of "off-by-one" drawing error in fourth row of keyboard hints graphic. 08 Feb 2009 [ David Bruce <> ] - cleanup of wchar_t <--> UTF-8 conversion wrapper functions. These are now based on GNU iconv and are in their own file, convert_utf.h/c. They now take a length parameter for safety against buffer overflows. The Unicode, Inc. implementations in ConvertUTF.h/c have been removed.

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