File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.11.0

Release Notes

new after 0.10.1:
- bugfix: correct field length in GetAtomName, added missing field in
          RRGetOutputInfo reply.
- output FIXED values as fixed point numbers instead of multiples of 1/65536
- RANDR 1.3 support
- bugfix: set the address family when listening on a tcp socket
- new --timestamps and --relative-timestamps options
- XInputExtension support

Change Log

        * complete XInputExtension support (if there is a price for worst
        documented extension, this would be my current candidate)
        * omit "0x" when printing the sequence number for replies, to
        make the output more consistent with requests and events.
        * start with XInputExtension support (only some opcodes yet)
        * add --timestamps and --relative-timestamps options to print
        timestamps before each line.
        * move start of output lines generation into common function
        (this makes some messages that until now got to stderr to go
         to the usual output, too. While that might hide them a bit,
         this also ensures they appear at the right place, which might
         be better).
        * Properly set the address family when listening on a tcp socket
        * fix decoding of GetAtomName reply
        * (cosmetic) use ft_RRCONFIGSTATUS for RRSetScreenConfig reply
        * fix decoding of RRGetOutputInfo reply
        * display FIXED as fixed-point numbers
        * RandR 1.3 support
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