File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.10.0

Release Notes

Updates between 3.9.2 and 3.10.0:
- fix bug of ListHook not used if in the From: rule of a rule.
- add ListShelllHook
- add _listdbidentifers and _listconfidentifiers
- add --list-format to change format of list and listfilter
+ rewrite Release.gpg verification code:
- more hops needed to use expired or revoked keys
- earlier check of keys. now all keys in VerifyRelease must be known to gpg
- subkeys are accepted if the key-id is appended with '+'.
* improve uploader lists:
- subkeys are accepted if key-if is appended with '+'
- new 'anybody' while 'unsigned' now means really unsigned
- new conditions to look as sourcename, binary names and sections

Change Log

        * new 'architectures' condition for uploader lists and other
        conditions support 'contains' now.

        * add --list-format

        * add _listdbidentifiers and _listconfidentifiers
        * add condition "source 'something'" for uploader lists,
        to limit a uploader to packages with the specified source.

        * allow subkey matching in uploader lists, 'unsigned' now only
        means unsigned while the new 'anybody' means everybody.
        Preparations for more conditions.

        * copy and copysrc give warnings about not found packages unless
          verbosity is reduced by --silent. (To help people catch their typos).

        * rewrite Release.gpg verification code:
        - to allow usage of expired or revoced keys, the key-id
          in VerifyRelease has to be appended with '!' and the corresponding
          new ignore option given.
        - subkeys are accepted if the key-id is appended with '+'.
        - keys are requested from libgpgme before anything is downloaded
          (helps catching c&p errors and makes subkey checks possible).
        - if verification fails, the status of all found signatures is printed.

        * bugfix: ListHook was not used in rules including the rule with it
        in "From:"
        * add "ListShellHook", that is like ListHook but with arguments and
        the files in stdin and stdout.
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