File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.7.5 - Source

Release Notes

Source tarball for tuxtype-1.7.5, including 11 bundled fonts. If you have SDL_Pango available, this archive will work fine, but the fonts will take up 2 MB extra space. If you do not have SDL_Pango, you will definitely this version of this package. Build requires the *-dev versions of SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and either SDL_Pango (preferred) or SDL_ttf. librsvg2 is desired but not used much by the program yet. Build and install with "./configure; make; sudo make install". See "./configure --help" for additional info

Change Log

10 Jun 2009 ( - revision 1034) [ David Bruce <> ] Version 1.7.5 - i18n - fix of problem with GNU gettext convenience string-marking macros due to XGETTEXT_OPTIONS not being set correctly in po/Makevars - Scripting - cleanup of some other menu issues - Build - update of's to handle new libs being used for this year's GSoC projects (svg support, LAN support) 08 Jun 2009 ( - revision 1017) [ David Bruce <> ] - Scripting - fix of bug in scripting.c run_script() where font size left at zero. 06 Jun 2009 ( - revision 1013) [ David Bruce <> ] - Paths - added support for localstatedir (shared modifiable data, generally located under /var) and sysconfdir (program-wide settings, generally located under /etc) to autotools build system. Also updated the game_option_type struct to have a field for the shared modifiable data - var_data_path. This is the intended location for shared custom word lists, high scores, and so forth. 23 Mar 2009 ( - revision 945) [ David Bruce <> ] - Code organization - TransWipe() and all of the blitting queue functions moved from playgame.c into SDL_extras.c/.h. Some safety checks and other cleanup added along the way.

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