File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.11.0

Release Notes

Updates since 3.10.0:
- new --list-max and --list-skip options
- new glob-matching in formulas
  (e.g. "reprepro listfilter codename 'Package (% linux-image-*)'")
- new listmatched, removematched copymatched and restorematched
- new build-needing command to list source package likely to need a build for a given architecture
- pull, predelete and update call retrack on distributions wth tracking enabled

Change Log

        * make predelete also call retrack when needed,
          silence false warning of stale tracking by removesrc

        * warn if a distribution with tracking is modified in a form tracking
        data might get out of data. update and pull automatically cause a
        retrack on distributions with tracking enabled.

        * some more improvements to the build-needing command

        * fix bug in processincoming not accepting Suite or AlsoAcceptFor
        because of counting it two times and erroring out.
        (Thanks to Wookey for finding this bug).

        * add listmatched, removematched, copymatched and restorematched.
        (For those who think listfilter 'Package (% glob)' is too hard
         to write, to remember or too slow).
        * add build-needing command

        * add glob-matching in formulas via '(% pattern)'
        * uploaders list conditions that supported stars
          now use the generic globmatch (thus more stars and ? and []).

        * new --list-max and --list-skip
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