File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ccid 1.3.11

Release Notes

release 1.3.11

Change Log

1.3.11 - 28 July 2009, Ludovic Rousseau
    - add support of Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB VM/CCID, Feitian SCR301,
      Softforum XecureHSM, 2 Neowave Weneo tokens, Synnix STD200, Aktiv
      Rutoken ECP, Alcor Micro SCR001, ATMEL AT91SC192192CT-USB,
      Panasonic USB Smart Card Reader 7A-Smart, Gemalto GemProx DU and SU
    - remove support of Reiner-SCT cyberJack pinpad(a) on request of
      Reiner-SCT.  You should user the Reiner-SCT driver instead
    - define CFBundleName to CCIDCLASSDRIVER so that non class drivers
      have a higher priority. Used by pcsc-lite 1.5.5 and up.
      Add a --disable-class configure option so that the Info.plist does
      not define a Class driver. Default is class driver.
    - do not power up a card with a voltage not supported by the reader
    - add support of PIN_PROPERTIES_STRUCTURE structure and
    - adds support of FEATURE_MCT_READERDIRECT. Only the Kobil TriB@nk
      reader supports this feature for now. This is used for the Secoder
      functionality in connected mode.
    - add support of a composite device. No change needed with libhal.
      use --enable-composite-as-multislot on Mac OS X since libhal is
      not available on Mac OS X or with libusb on Linux
    - some minor bugs removed
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