File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.12.0

Release Notes

Updates since 3.11.1:
- warn if directories are relative to the currect directory but do not start
  with './'
- directories starting '+b/' '+o/' and '+c/' are relative to basedir, outdir
  or confdir.
- FakeComponentPrefix now no longer adds its arguments to components already
  having it and shortens their dist directories to not duplicate that either.
- -A, -C and -T can have multiple arguments now, separated with '|'.
- new 'flood' action to align architecture all packages
- new '--show-percent' option
- warn if old legacy files.db is still used
- add new translatelegacyfilelists command for easier migration.
  (just a collectnewchecksums and deleting that file was enough, though)

Change Log

        * warn if old legacy files.db is still used and add new
        translatelegacyfilelists command for easier migration.

        * new --showpercent option to show percent and total
        download size when downloading packages.
        * do not output the new warning about a new architecture
        when all architectures are new (i.e. new distribution)

        * new 'Options: limit_arch_all' in conf/incoming causes
        processincoming to only put architecture all packages into
        the architectures uploaded with them to allow usage together
        with 'flood'.

        * speed up 'flood' by using an tree instead of a list for source
        package lookups.

        * add new 'flood' command to distribute architecture all packages
        within one architecture.

        * -A, -T and -C can now have multiple arguments separated by '|'.

        * FakeComponentPrefix now does not add the prefix to components
        already having it and removes it from the relative directory where
        it is put into (so no duplication on the whole path, either).

        * command line (and conf/options) options to specify a directory
        now treat arguments starting with '+b/', '+c/' or '+o/' as relative
        to the basedir, confdir or outdir.
        * warn if directories do not start with '/', './' or '+x/'.

        * if a package is not accepted by processincoming because no
        distribution is found for it or no distribution allows it, the
        existcode is now 243

        * add a MorgueDir option to conf/incoming where cleaned up files
        are moved to.
        * if a .changes has improper name, version or architectures,
        trigger the 'Cleanup: on_error' case.

        * improve deleteunreferenced's error message with keepunreferencedfiles
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