File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxType 1.8.0 - Source

Release Notes

Source tar.gz archive for TuxType 1.8.0. This release features greatly expanded word and lesson lists, and new high-resolution backgrounds and music. There is also a new in-game word list editor. Build with "./configure; make; sudo make install". See doc/INSTALL for further info on required libs. In particular, TuxType 1.8.0 now links to librsvg in preparation for an upcoming transition to SVG graphics, but for now this lib can be skipped with "./configure --without-rsvg".

Change Log

09 Nov 2009 ( - revision 1640) [ David Bruce <> ] Version 1.8.0 - Sarah Frisk's word list editor from GSoC 2009 has been merged in as a new, somewhat "beta" feature. 12 Sep 2009 ( - revision 1532) [ David Bruce <> ] - Media - new music files and backgrounds contributed by Caroline Ford, some old sounds (the ones with suboptimal free licensing) removed - Tux Typing is now 100% DFSG-compliant. Relevant's adapted. - playgame.c adapted to use new music files. 10 Sep 2009 ( - revision 1504) [ Matthew Trey <> ] - Scripting - added code so the script parser recognizes comments in xml. 31 Aug 2009 ( - revision 1470) [ Matthew Trey <> ] - Practice - fixed a problem that was causing the wrong key to flash in the bottom row of keys - Game Instructions - simplified and reactivated cascade and laser game instruction scripts, fixed scripting background image so that it scales properly in fullscreen - Scripting - Added some basic scripts so that new users will have a complete lesson set out of the box. Added a howto in the docs.

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