File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.37.0

Release Notes

po4a NEWS


* Major changes in release 0.37.0 (2009-11-20)

 * New script for one-stop generation of untranslated and translated
 documentation from DocBook XML and POD sources.

 * Updated Spanish translations.

Change Log

2009-11-13  Neil Williams  <>

	* MANIFEST: Add build and runtime documentation.
	* Makefile: Remove empty directories after install.
	* doc/po4a-build.conf.5.pod: Documentation for the
	po4a-build.conf file.
	* doc/po4a-runtime.7.pod: Documentation for using example
	files from po4a for runtime script translation.
	* doc/po4a.7.pod: Typo.
	* po4a-build.conf: Add section 5 and 7 POD content.
	* share/doc/po4a-build.xml: Document section 5 support.
	* share/po4a-build: Support section 5 for POD.
	* share/po4a-build.conf.example: Section 5 support.

2009-11-12  Neil Williams  <>

	* Build.PL: OK, this is a hack but gettext really doesn't
	like mixing shell and perl without one of the formats
	having a file extension, so make a temporary
	symlink which gets cleaned up later.
	* Makefile: Clean up the temporary symlink.
	* po/bin/Makevars: Let xgettext use the default Lang
	now that the symlink solves the other confusion.
	* po/bin/ Get POTFILES to look at the symlink.
	* po/bin/po4a.pot: Updated with new strings from po4a-build.
	* share/po4a-build: Fix the string markup so that xgettext
	finds all 14 strings.

2009-11-12  Neil Williams  <>

	* Build.PL: Convert to the po4a-build build system.
	* MANIFEST: Add po4a-build support files.
	* Makefile: Generate translated content via po4a-build.
	* changelog: Fold share/Changelog into main changelog.
	* po/bin/LINGUAS: po4a-build support.
	* po/bin/Makefile: copy of the example in share/
	* po/bin/Makevars: based on the example in share/
	* po/bin/ Scripts with translatable content.
	* po/pod/ca.po: Updated for po4a-build strings.
	* po/pod/es.po: Updated for po4a-build strings.
	* po/pod/fr.po: Updated for po4a-build strings.
	* po/pod/it.po: Updated for po4a-build strings.
	* po/pod/ja.po: Updated for po4a-build strings.
	* po/pod/pl.po: Updated for po4a-build strings.
	* share/ChangeLog: Removed.
	* share/Makefile: Add a clean target.
	* t/.cvsignore: Ignore t/tmp.

2009-11-11  Neil Williams  <>

	* share/po4a-build: Properly separate man (3) from man (1) XML
	* share/po4a-build.conf: Update with modified variables.
	* share/po4a-build.conf.example: Update the example too.

2009-11-10  Neil Williams  <>

	* share/po4a-build: Add support for man (7) and include
	changes from more testing within the po4a build.
	* share/doc/po4aman-display-po.xml,
	* share/doc/po4apod-display-po.xml: Add XML from doclifter
	so that the manpages can be generated and the XML
	translated. Add translations to doc/po/.
	* share/po4a-build.conf: Allow use of internal po4a support.
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