File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.37.1

Release Notes

po4a NEWS


* Major changes in release 0.37.0 (2009-11-20)

 * Fix UTF8 handling and names of perl modules for section 3.
 * Fix bug that caused translated manpages to be overwritten.


Change Log

2009-11-23  Neil Williams  <>

	* share/po4a-build: Set utf8 default for pod2man.

2009-11-23  Neil Williams  <>

	* share/po4a-build: Specify the real module name
	when using pod2man and section 3.

2009-11-22  Nicolas Fran├žois  <>

	* lib/Locale/Po4a/, lib/Locale/Po4a/
	Improved detection of the output charset to provide the
	'=encoding' line in the output POD.
	* t/data-04/text-iso8859.pod-ok, t/data-04/utf.pod-ok: Updated
	testsuite accordingly.

2009-11-21  Neil Williams  <>

	* po/pod/es.po: Fix a few typos.
	* share/po4a-build: Read the translated XML;
	fix for typo in call to xsltproc.
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