File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: rlinetd-0.7

Release Notes

        o NLS support added for both program and man pages.
        o copy all the settings from default service which allows
          to set e.g. a default user or group for services.
        o initgroups keywords support 'yes' and 'no' arguments.
        o introduce enable keyword allowing easily disabling service.
        o properly daemonize server.

Change Log

2010-03-20  Robert Luberda  <>

	* release rlinetd 0.7

2009-12-07  Robert Luberda  <>

	* engine.c, main.c: Properly daemonize with daemon() function. Keep descriptions
	  0, 1 & 2 opened to /dev/null.

	* bytecode.c: Call setsid() before execv() to prevent to prevent 
	  daemons like smbd from killing rlinetd with kill(0, SIGTERM)

	* data.h,assemble.c  grammar.y: Copy all settings from default service, 
	  redesign fixups and the service structure to make it work.

	* grammar.y: Rework interactions between initrgoups, user and group directives.

	* grammar.y, rlinetd.conf.5: Support `yes' & `no' arguments for `initgroups'.

	* db.c: enhance bytecode debugging mode.

2009-02-10  Robert Luberda  <>

	* Man pages fixes.

	* Copy translated man pages in dist target.

2009-02-10  Robert Luberda  <>

	* connect.c: Disable unused rl_connect() function.

	* signals.c, lex.l: Fix -Wextra warnings.

2009-01-03  Robert Luberda  <>

	* grammar.y: Add enable keyword to allow easily enabling/disabling services.

	* New options: --force-overwrite and --print-generated-files,
	  mostly for supporting Debian's inetd server configuration management.

2009-01-01  Robert Luberda  <>

	* Move source files to src dir.

2008-12-30  Robert Luberda  <>

	* Add NLS support for binary program and man pages 

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