File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.21

Release Notes

* New backends: kodak (Kodak i18xx), kvs1025 (Panasonic KV-S10xx), p5 (Primax PagePartner)
* 224 more scanner models supported.
* Many backends updated.
* Improved compilation on uncommon platforms.
* More consistent option naming.
* Scanimage no longer writes image to tty.
* Modern translation infrastructure.
* Improved saned network daemon.
* Internal SCSI, USB, threading, TCP & UDP code updates.
* Updated HAL and udev support.
* New sanei_magic image processing library.
* Documentation updates.
* Bugfixes.

NOTE: The release tar.gz is missing two files required to build 
translations. If you require i18n support, please also download 
sane-backends-1.0.21-i18n.patch and apply as follows:

* cd sane-backends-1.0.21
* patch -p1 < sane-backends-1.0.21-i18n.patch
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