File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ccid 1.3.12

Release Notes

release 1.3.12

Change Log

1.3.12 - 8 May 2010, Ludovic Rousseau
    - add support of Todos AGM2 CCID, Cherry SmartTerminal XX7X, Smart
      SBV280, Ask CPL108, German Privacy Foundation Crypto Stick v1.2,
      id3 CL1356T5, Covadis Auriga, GoldKey PIV Token, Vasco DIGIPASS
      KEY 860, Vasco DIGIPASS KEY 200, Vasco DP855, Vasco DP865, Atmel
      AT90SCR100, Atmel AT90SCR050, Atmel VaultIC420, Atmel VaultIC440,
      Atmel VaultIC460, KOBIL Smart Token, KOBIL mIDentity 4smart, KOBIL
      mIDentity 4smart AES, KOBIL mIDentity visual, KOBIL mIDentity
      fullsize, KOBIL mIDentity 4smart fullsize AES, SCM SCR3500
    - remove support of Smart SBV280 on manufacturer request. They use
      libusb directly.
    - remove support of SCM SDI 010 on manufacturer request since not
      supported by my driver
    - Enable the Broadcom 5880 reader. It should work after a firmware
    - better support of Dell keyboard
    - better support of multislot readers (like the GemCore SIM Pro)
    - better support of SCM SCR3310
    - better support of ICCD version A devices
    - The Covadis Véga-Alpha reader is a GemPC pinpad inside. So we use
      the same code to:
      . load the strings for the display
      . avoid limitation of the reader
    - IFDHControl(): the (proprietary) get firmware version escape
      command is allowed with a Gemalto reader
      . the (proprietary) switch interface escape command is allowed on
      the Gemalto GemProx DU
      . return IFD_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED instead of
      IFD_COMMUNICATION_ERROR if the dwControlCode value is not
      . return IFD_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER when appropriate
    - IFDHGetCapabilities(): add support of SCARD_ATTR_ICC_PRESENCE and
    - add support of IOCTL_FEATURE_GET_TLV_PROPERTIES bMinPINSize &
      bMaxPINSize for Gemalto Pinpad V1 & Covadis Véga-Alpha
    - support extended APDU of up to 64kB with APDU readers.
    - get the language selected during Mac OS X installation as language
      to use for Covadis Véga-Alpha and Gemalto GemPC PinPad pinpad
    - FEATURE_MCT_READER_DIRECT is also supported by the Kobil mIDentity
    - better support of Sun Studio CC
    - some minor bugs removed
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