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Release Name: pcsc-lite 1.6.1

Release Notes

pcsc-lite 1.6.1

Change Log

pcsc-lite-1.6.1: Ludovic Rousseau
4 June 2010
- SCardControl(): do not check for card events since we are talking to
  the reader not the card. A smart card removal should not make
  SCardControl() fail with SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD
- pcscd do not timeout any more after 2 minutes of inactivity. If the
  other side of the socket dies we will get an error from the kernel.
  The problem was that if a client does nothing during
  PCSCLITE_READ_TIMEOUT (120 seconds by default) then pcscd considers it
  as a dead client and closes the connection. I guess this problem was
  present since the first version of pcsc-lite but nobody complained
- pcscd: do not return before most of the initialisation are done
  correctly. The idea is that pcscd can return an error code if the
  daemon fails to start correctly (hald not started for example).
  Before the patch pcscd became a daemon, then returned 0 (success) and
  then continued with the initialisation. If the initialisation failed
  it was too late to return an error code. The /etc/init.d/pcscd script
  was not aware of the failure.
  "/usr/sbin/pcscd exit codes broken"
- src/hotplug_libusb.c: Add a synchronisation so that if pcscd is auto
  started the initial reader list is available before the server takes
  commands from clients.
  Before the change early calls of SCardListReaders() returned an empty
  list of readers even if a reader was connected.
  Thanks to Patrice Angelini for the bug report
- SCardConnect() & SCardReconnect(): do not reset the cardProtocol in
  SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT case since the card have _not_ been reseted. A new
  PPS negociation would fail.
- Do not install files in /etc any more. Serial drivers are rare now.
- Avoids a crash if a client sends a unknown command.
  Thanks to Martin Vogt for the bug report
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
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