File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 22.7.1

Change Log

Changes for version 22.7.1 (17-Sep-2005) John Coffman

  Boot Installer
    - Add check that "vmdefault" image does exist.  (bsect.c, lilo.c)
    - Use 512/4095 major devices (up from 255).  (geometry.c, device.c,

  Boot Loader
    - Fix "vmdefault=" bug in MENU and BITMAP interfaces. (second.S)
    - Allow any keyboard strike (not just Shift) to escape from
      command line, or to display boot menu.  (second.S)

    - Apply security patch for temp files to  mkrescue & QuickInst
    - Compensate for missing <msdos/stat.h> in BCC
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