File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.40

Release Notes

 * When it fails, recode msgstr into current charset before
   printing it.

 * Fix failures "Unknown option: copyright-holder"

 * Support font modifiers in the form \f(XX and \f[FONT-NAME]

Change Log

2010-07-26  Denis Barbier <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Let read() handle previous
        strings, which are flagged by '#|'.  They were
        previously managed like translator's comments, and
        calling write() after read()ing a PO file containing
        such comments generated an invalid PO file.
        This happened only with msgsearch or msguntypot, and
        not po4a* tools.
        * scripts/msguntypot: Call msgmerge with the
        --previous option; add a --no-previous option to
        disable this new behavior.
2010-07-20  Denis Barbier <>
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ When gettextize() fails,
        recode $trans into current charset before printing 
        it on stderr.
2010-07-19  Denis Barbier <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Support font modifiers in
        the form \f(XX and \f[FONT-NAME].
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add support for .TQ macro.
        Patch by James Vega.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/{Text,Sgml}.pm: Handle gracefully
        the case when input file is empty.
        * po4a: New EXAMPLE section in documentation,
        contributed by Helge Kreutzmann.

2010-04-17  Denis Barbier <>
        * po4a: New '--translate-only <file>' option.
        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add new macros: Brq, %Q, Ms, Ud.

2010-03-29  TATEISHI Katsuyuki  <>
        * NEWS, lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix failures: "Unknown option:
2010-03-17  Nicolas Fran├žois  <>

        * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Die with a more sensible error if a file
        cannot be found with kpsewhich.
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