File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 23.1

Release Notes

Version 23.1  (major and bugfix update of 23.0)

 o Many fixes of typos in sources and documentation.
 o LVM volumes can now be used as root device.
 o Better computing of (uncompressed) vmlinux size.
 o Better working on degraded RAID devices.
 o Update to newer MD RAID 1.0 specification.
 o Substituted QuickInst script (mkbdist, mksdist removed).
 o Added new hook scripts for newer kernel support.
 o Updated and added new menu background images.
 o Added new TOOLS file for overview of needed tools / packages.
 o Added new example of lilo.conf with many comments.

Change Log

    - 'make clean' delete all created documentation files.
    - many small typos in manpages.
    - Remove obsolete ifpdf definition.

    - Optimize and update menue header line.  (src/crt.S)
    - Fix some typos in sources.  (src/bsect.c, src/raid.c)
    - LVM volume as root device.  (src/bsect.c)
    - Remove patch for inaccessible disks (src/geometry.c)
        and add remarks in README file.
    - Better computing size of uncompressed kernel. (src/boot.c)
    - Working on degraded RAID device.      (src/raid.c)
        (thanks to Christian Schöninger)
    - Use for MD RAID newer 1.0 specification. (src/geometry.c)
        (thanks to Robert de Bath)             (src/raid.c)

    - Use better 'checkit' for newer gcc.  (checkit)
    - Remove very old scripts.      (mkbdist,mksdist,QuickInst)
    - Create new makefile-based script QuickInst.
    - Create new hook scripts for kernel and initramfs.
    - Add new target 'uninstall' for src, man, hooks.
    - Recreate and add background images as uuencoded files and
        move images + config files into new 'image' directory.
    - Add new file TOOLS listing needed tools / packages.
    - Remove all unneeded stuff with old /boot/boot-* files.
    - Add new example file for lilo.conf for newer lilo.
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