File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath - Windows - 1.9.0

Release Notes

TuxMath 1.9.0 for windows, executable installer file. This release includes some major new features, including multiplayer network play (LAN only, for now), proper display of non-Western menu text, and more uniform appearance at different resolutions.

Change Log

- windows build now done with mingw-cross-env. The executable is statically link, so no dll's are included or needed. - tuxmath's code has been extensively refactored with creation of the t4k_common library, which will also be used in all future releases of Tux Typing. - windows build now uses SDL_Pango for proper display of non-Western fonts. Any feedback from users of these languages would be greatly appreciated. - Most images now scaled to proper resolution with Scalable Vector Graphics. - LAN mode now available for head-to-head competition over a local network. This is the first release of this feature to the general public, and some bugs may be present.

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