File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath - Source - 1.9.0

Release Notes

Source tarball for tuxmath-1.9.0, including bundled TrueType fonts. This can be installed on Unix-type systems with "./configure; make; sudo make install" (or for CMake fans, "cmake; make; sudo make install"). Important - tuxmath now requires the t4k_common library version 0.0.3, also available at this site. It must be installed before tuxmath can be installed. t4k_common also supports both autotools and CMake build systems. See INSTALL for details regarding library dependencies and any other issues.

Change Log

- First release requiring t4k_common. - LAN play improved with several fixes since 1.8.0 - More extensive use of SVG, with caching of rendered images to improve startup performance.

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