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Release Name: pcsc-lite 1.6.5

Release Notes

pcsc-lite 1.6.5

Change Log

pcsc-lite-1.6.5: Ludovic Rousseau
3 December 2010
- Power on the card _only_ if an application requests a connection.
  You can disable the feature using DISABLE_ON_DEMAND_POWER_ON in
  If DISABLE_AUTO_POWER_ON is defined then do not automatically power on
  the card. The card will be powered on on the first SCardConnect()
- SCardReconnect(): return SCARD_E_NO_SMARTCARD when card is removed and
  SCARD_W_UNRESPONSIVE_CARD when card is unresponsive instead of
- Install pcscd as sgid pcscd instead of suid root
- SCardSetTimeout() is no more provided. This function is not provided
  by Microsoft and is deprecated since 2004 in pcsc-lite. 
- SCardCancelTransaction() is no more provided. This function is not
  provided by Microsoft and is deprecated since 2005 in pcsc-lite.
- Parsing the CCID Info.plist (159 readers supported) was, on a i386
  machine, done in 264306 <B5>s and is now done 5547 <B5>s => gain x47 or 4600%
- It is now possible to configure the local socket name to use using the
  environment variable PCSCLITE_CSOCK_NAME
- Wait until all connected readers have a chance to power up a possibly
  inserted card before accepting clients.
- restrict pcscd features when not run by root (so using suid): APDU
  logging or setting parameters are disabled for example
- fix compilation problem on kfreebsd-* systems
- PCSC/reader.h: HOST_TO_CCID_16() and HOST_TO_CCID_32() are now
  identity functions
  Since libccid 1.4.1 (revision 5252) the byte order is no more important
- If you want to use IFDHCreateChannel() instead of
  IFDHCreateChannelByName() then do not use any DEVICENAME line in the
  configuration file. IFDHCreateChannel() will then be called with the
  CHANNELID parameter.
- the CHANNELID parameter can also be a decimal number.
- Remove the support of IFDHandler v1 API. I don't know any driver using
  this API.
- avoids a buffer overflow with badly formed ATR
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
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