File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: TuxMath - Source - 2.0.1

Release Notes

Bug fix for missing numbers in Factoroids game

Change Log

2011.Apr.19 (git:// For version 2.0.1: - Fix of bug preventing display of asteroid numbers in Factoroids. David Bruce <> 2011.Apr.18 (git:// For version 2.0.0, major changes include: - Significant bug fixes, enhancements, and API changes in t4k_common library version 0.1.1, which is required for tuxmath-2.0.0. Importantly, bug fixed that prevented gettext from working in 1.9.0. - "Tooltips" display of descriptions of menu items (not implemented yet for lessons). - Horizontal "Powerup" comets in Arcade games which earn "smartbombs" that zap all comets simultanously. - "Multizap" - all comets with identical answers are destroyed when the answer is given. - LAN server can now be stopped and restarted from within TuxMath - Multiple servers on same LAN now detected properly, player can select server to join. - Enhanced LAN game-joining screen, showing screen names of other connected players. - In-game display of scores of all LAN players - In-game notification if other LAN player leaves. - Factoroids extensively revised, now play is organized around prime factorization, with a new prime factor added for each level. - Factoroids player toggles between "prime number guns" rather than having to type the answer before each shot. - New, professional-quality artwork for Factoroids ship, hopefully to be rolled out through rest of game as well. - Three new game music files. - Proper handling of unix->dos text file conversion at time of Windows build. - Updates and addition of numerous translations. - "Project Info" revised to show version number correctly. David Bruce <>

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