File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: REL 2.0.7

Change Log

2011-03-18 Ondřej Surý <>
        * VERSION: 2.0.7
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c: Revert escaping wildcard character as it was
                            already done before by ldap_bv2escaped_filter_value
2011-03-17 Ondřej Surý <>
        * VERSION: 2.0.6
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c: Properly escape wildcard string to search
                            for literal *.hostname
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c, vhost_ldap.conf: Add new boolean option VhostLDAPWildcard
                                             to disable wildcard search completely
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c: Fix cgi-bin processing (Courtesy of Anders Kaseorg)
2010-07-07 Ondřej Surý <>
        * VERSION: 2.0.5
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c: Make a private copy of server config to each
                            request to be thread safe. (Courtesy Anders Kaseorg)

2010-06-16 Ondřej Surý <>
        * VERSION: 2.0.3
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c: Workaround concurrency issues with ap_document_root
                            by adding mutex before it is set and release before
                            handler is run.

2010-06-09 Ondřej Surý <>
        * VERSION: 2.0.1
        * mod_vhost_ldap.c: Remove cleanup routine, it was causing segfaults.

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