File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: pcsc-lite 1.7.3

Release Notes

pcsc-lite 1.7.3

Change Log

pcsc-lite-1.7.3: Ludovic Rousseau
22 June 2011
- COPYING: Add my name as copyright holder
- hotplug libudev: support libudev >= 171
- hotplug libusb: Fix a memory leak
- pcscd: exit immediately in case of SIGTERM
  Closes Debian bug #620305 "pcscd slows down shutdown/restart"
- Send logs to stdout instead of stderr
  It is now possible to use tee(1) to redirect logs in a file without
  first redirecting stderr to stdout
- Add command line option -T, --color: force use of colored logs
  The idea is to have colored logs even if they are redirected to a file
  or a pipe.
- Define g_rgSCardT?Pci as const structures to be more Windows like
  I do not expect a regression or compilation problem in WinSCard API
  users but how knows...
- log at level PCSC_LOG_DEBUG instead of PCSC_LOG_ERROR to avoid filling
  the system log file
- Remove the deprecated define FEATURE_MCT_READERDIRECT (replaced by
- better Hurd support
- some other minor improvements and bug corrections
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