File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.98.3

Release Notes

In smcroute 1.98.x, eventually leading to smcroute 2, a completely overhauled 
version of smcroute contributed by Joachim Nilsson. Major highlights of this 
change are added support for a real configuration file with reloads triggered
by SIGHUP. Also a huge bunch of bugs has been fixed in this release.

Change Log

smcroute 1.98.1 to 1.98.3
 * Cleanup IPv6 #ifdefs and replace IN6_MULTICAST() with IN6_IS_ADDR_MULTICAST()
   This commit cleans up a lot of the IPv6 related #ifdefs, some minor
   function name refactoring and squash of some _init and _enable funcs
   into one for clarity and clearer error messages to the user.
 * Check for existence of asprintf() to pidfile() and add -D_GNU_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS
   using AC_GNU_SOURCE in
 * Fixes FTBFS when host lacks IPv6 support.

smcroute 1.98.0 to 1.98.1
 * Bugfix: Client failed to send commands to daemon.
 * Bugfix: Several FTBFS fixed for GCC 4.6.x and -W -Wall

smcroute 0.95 to 1.98.0
 * SMCRoute2 Announced!
 * Feature: Support for smcroute.conf file for daemon
   Add support for reading mroutes and mgroups from a configuration file.
        mgroup from IFNAME group MCGROUP
        mroute from IFNAME source ADDRESS group MCGROUP to IFNAME [IFNAME ...]
   Both IPv4 and IPv6 address formats are supported.
 * Feature: Support for signals, reload conf file on SIGHUP
 * Refactor: Insecure handling of pointers potentially outside array boundaries.
 * Bugfix: Invalid use of varargs in call to snprintf(), use vsnprintf() instead.
 * Feature: Add -n switch to support running smcroute in foreground.
 * Refactor: Major cleanup, reindent to Linux C-style, for improved maintainability.
 * Bugfix: Invalid MRouterFD6 fd crashes smcroute, always check for valid fd.
 * Bugfix: Several minor bugfixes; type mismatches and unused return values.
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