File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.12.0

Release Notes

Updates between 4.11.0 and 4.12.0:
- get InRelease from remote repositories (to disable use new GetInRelease: no)
- always put Package field first in indices
- support getting packages from remote repositories without md5sums.

Updates between 4.10.0 and 4.11.0:
- Contents files default location is now "percomponent compatsymlink".
- unify handling of "unknown" section.

Change Log

        * try to get InRelease from remote repositories
          instead of Release (with fall-back of the old behaviour)
        * new GetInRelease: to conf/updates, defaults to yes

        * fix some errors when compiled without libgpgme

        * normalize included package control information to
          always start with the Package: field (as some clients
          assume that).
        * don't require md5sum to download binary or source packages
          in the remote index files (any known hash suffices)

        * avoid some problem with gcc-4.7

        * change Contents-* files generation default from
        "allcompontents" to "percomponent compatsymlink".
        (i.e. best for >= wheezy, only first component visible for
         <= squeeze)
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