File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.1

Release Notes

 * Switch to new version scheme. Make new version 2.1, not 2.0.11.  We
   do not release often enough to justify three digits.
 * Switch build rules to build OOo v2 thesaurus files, as the v1 build
   rules no longer work.  This require the libmythes-dev package on
 * Introduce new Makefile variables hyphendir and thesdir to make it
   easier to control where to install these.
 * Change script used to import from, to load new word
   boundaries if at least two people believed the boundaries was
 * Added word boundaries for several words (around 500 words) using
   the updated script.
 * Imported thesarus for bokmål from
 * Rewrote build rules to use = instead of - as combined word marker, thus
   allowing words like e-post.
 * Imported a lot (around 10k words) of new words with dash (-) in
   them from now that it is handled by the build
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