File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.13.1

Release Notes

Updates between 4.13.0 and 4.13.1:
- fix bug in restore
- fix percomponent udeb Contents filenames
- add support for sources listing architecture wildcards to build-needing

Change Log

2013-06-02  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * as gcc got better, remove conditional workarounds for
          most uninitialized-false-positives and make the remaining
          cases unconditonal (but marked with SETBUTNOTUSED).

2013-05-30  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * fix bug is restore to only act if the
          last package looked at is restored.

2013-05-04  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * build-needing properly handles sources with
          architecture wildcards (linux-any) in them.

2013-04-12  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * fix percomponent udeb Contents filenames
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