File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.27

Change Log

1.27 (2013-05-29)
 * client:
   + --repository option is no longer required
   + add support for entirely client-constructed notifications
   + verbose complaint when a message cannot be encoded as JSON
   + add support for batching messages
   + Git: include author name in commit information (Debian: #700319)
   + Git: add support for configuring some settings via git-config
   + Git: implement commit squashing for large branch updates
 * bot:
   + support miltiple relay messages per request
   + properly handle multi-line relayed messages
   + add rate limit support to JSON message relay implementation
   + Fix a problem where authentication was sent too late, due to throttling
     caused by JOIN commands sent earlier. This change uses the AutoJoin plugin
     that knows how to interact with NickServID properly. Patch contributed by
     poco-irc maintainer, Hinrik Orn Sigurdsson.
 * both:
   + add support for ${project} substitution in web_link
   + documentation improvements
 * building
   + Add Time::Piece and IPC::Run to Build.PL.
   + Build.PL: create LICENSE file during `make dist'.

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