File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.28

Change Log

1.28 (2013-08-08)
  [ gregor herrmann ]
  * client: Fix failure with Safe-2.35.
    Thanks to Petr Písař <> for the patch.

  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * client: detect UTF8 in full author name
  * git client: add kgb.enable-branch-ff-notification Git option (true by
    default) for managing fast forward notifications
  * declare test dependencies in test_requires
  * client: add --debug option
  * git client: chomp git-config-determined config file path before usage
  * replace ~~ (smartmatch) usage. ~~ is deprecated in perl 5.18
  * replace given/when usage, declared experimental in perl 5.18
  * client: verify config file structures
  * git client: do not die on unknown ref updates (see #706375)
  * git client: squash creation if numerous tags (>5 currently)
  * git client: configurable tag squash threshold/message
  * client: correct POD about Client->format_message arguments
  * bot: allow setting of "" color to disable colouring of a given item
  * bot: use App::KGB::Painter for coloring
  * bot: add --simulate-color option enabling color codes in the dump file
  * git client: include tag name in the Tag object created from annotated tags
  * git client: allow specifying project-id via git-config
  * t/50-client.t: skip tests with UTF-8 commit messages (subversion) unless
    C_TYPE is known to use UTF-8. RT#80664
  * adapt to newer JSON-RPC which renamed the client module (RT#80666)
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