File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.45

Release Notes

 * Fix usage of File::Temp::tempfile to allow using Perl >= 5.18.

 * Make it a standalone format.

 * Make <beginpage> inline.

 * Add key parameter as an automatic comment.  This allows using
   po4a-gettextize on ini files.

 * Fix handling of optional parameters in newtheorem command.

 * Fix computation of timezone written into PO files.

 * Fix failing tests with recent Docbook DTD.

Change Log

2013-08-21  Denis Barbier <>

    * t/data-20/test2.sgml: Remove spurious line, it causes
    test failures with recent Docbook DTD.  Thanks to
    Didier Spaier.

2013-08-15  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix again DST in
    POT-Creation-Date, by Jakub Wilk.

2013-08-15  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Improve error reporting, by
    Martin Quinson.

2013-08-15  Denis Barbier <>

    * Fix generation with newer

2013-08-15  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ The newtheorem command
    accepts two optional parameters, by Federico Poloni.

2013-05-16  Denis Barbier <>

    * po4a po4a-updatepo lib/Locale/Po4a/{Po,Wml}.pm: Fix
    usage of File::Temp::tempfile, by Richard W.M. Jones.

2013-05-16  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Fix DST in POT-Creation-Date.
    Thanks to Ineiev for the report and patch.

2013-01-05  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Add key parameter as an
    automatic comment.  This allows using po4a-gettextize
    on ini files.  Thanks to Didier Raboud.

2012-10-31  Denis Barbier <>

    * po4a po4a-updatepo lib/Locale/Po4a/{Po,Sgml,Wml}.pm:
    Use $ENV{TMPDIR} instead of /tmp if it is defined.

2012-10-28  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ make <beginpage> inline.
    Thanks to Petter Reinholdtsen for the report and patch.

2012-10-27  Denis Barbier <>

    * po4a: Allowing specifying the name of master files in
    splitted mode.  Thanks to Yann Dirson for the report and
    patch.  A slightly different version of his patch is
    implemented, syntax is

2012-10-26  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Many improvements.

2012-10-22  Denis Barbier <>

    * lib/Locale/Po4a/ Promote AsciiDoc to its
    own format, and deprecate -o asciidoc in Text format.
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