File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.14.0

Release Notes

Updates between 4.13.1 and 4.14.0:
- repairdescriptions also repairs udeb descriptions
- automatically add long descriptions when updating
  packages from a source that does not have them
- ignore Extra-Source-Only source packages by default
- some small bugfixes and improvements

Change Log

2014-03-18  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * update ignore source packages with ExtraSourceOnly by default,
        unless the new OmitExtraSourceOnly option is set in conf/updates
        to false.
        * fix override mechanism of .udeb files

2014-02-12 Lukas Anzinger <>
        * add _addreferences to add multiple references at once

2014-02-11  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * improve the errormessage of processincoming if the inclusion of a
        package is forbidden by uploaders files.

2013-11-21  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * automatically add long Descriptions when updating from a source that
          does not have them in the Packages files.

2013-10-05  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * fix docs/ to work with newer python3 dbm behaviour
        * more strict checking of all size information in .changes files

2013-06-15  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * use libarchive_read_free instead of libarchive_read_finish
          with newer libarchive to avoid issues with future versions.
        * repairdescriptions also repairs udeb descriptions

2013-06-15  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * make reprepro compile with libdb6.0

2013-06-02  Bernhard R. Link <>
        * as gcc got better, remove conditional workarounds for
          most uninitialized-false-positives and make the remaining
          cases unconditonal (but marked with SETBUTNOTUSED).

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