File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.32

Change Log

1.32 (2014-08-04)
  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * bot: store real path to the pid directory
  * bot: remove PID file on exit
  * fix utf-8 locale detection in 50-client.t
  * TestBot: test helper module for running a real bot for tests
  * 50-client.t: check real bot output
  * TestBot: report bot PID when starting/stopping
  * convert 52-client-git to TestBot
  * fix detection of common changes path when using msg_template
  * require File::Remove and Test::Differences for tests
  * convert 53-client-git-merges.t to TestBot
  * convert 54-client-git-squash.t to TestBot
  * convert t/55-client-git-merges-ff.t to TestBot
  * convert t/56-client-git-ff-merge-2.t to TestBot
  * convert t/57-client-git-squash-tags.t to TestBot
  * avoid double-spaces when formatting messages
  * bot: honour broadcast channels setting when relaying messages too

  [ gregor herrmann ]
  * kgb.conf(5): improve documentation for server_addr variable.
    (Closes: #744689)

  [ Damyan Ivanov ]
  * kgb-client: add support for setting Git-specific options via the
    configuration file/command line
  * point to client backends for backend-specific configuration options
  * use encoding 'utf8' --> use utf8
  * replace given/when with chained if/elsif/else
  * missing newline between =items (POD)
  * update FSF address
  * bump years of copyrigght
  * put GPL_2 as license in Build.PL (gpl2 is not recognised anymore)
  * move gathering of data from new() to _detect_commits
  * a new internal method, _reset, for resetting the parsed reflog data
  * use strict and warnings in tests
  * tests: replace explicit plans with done_testing()
  * die when the reflog is empty
  * fix typo in changelog (wheter -> whether), thanks lintian
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