File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 4.16.0

Release Notes

Updates between 4.15.0 and 4.16.0:
- add support for xz uncompression using liblzma instead of unxz
- enable using liblzma by default (if found and not --without-liblzma is given)
- all example scripts in python now use python3

Change Log

2014-08-24  Bernhard R. Link <>
       * fix DownloadListsAs not accepting .lz
       * add support for unpacking .xz and .lzma files with liblzma
         instead of calling unxz and unlzma.
       * default to linking with liblzma if no --with or --without is given

2014-08-16  Bernhard R. Link <>
       * rename the old python pdiff implementation example script
         from tiffany.example to pdiff.example and make it use python3.
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