File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.25

Release Notes

New with 1.0.25, released 2015-10-03:

* New backends: epsonds (Epson DS, PX and WF series),
  pieusb (PIE and Reflecta film/slide scanners).
* Support for JPG and PNG output format in scanimage.
* Significant enhancements to avision, canon_dr, epjitsu, fujitsu, genesys,
  kodakaio and pixma backends.
* Minor updates, bugfixes or scanners added in several backends.
* 300 new scanner models supported.
* Workaround for USB3 problems in Linux kernel.
* Added code for IR functionality.
* Documentation and translation updates.
* Bugfixes (threading, networking, udev rules).

Change Log

See ChangeLog in source for details.
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