File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.4.27

Release Notes

1.4.27 - 21 May 2017, Ludovic Rousseau
    - Add support of
     . ACS ACR1255U-J1
     . ACS CryptoMate (T2)
     . ANCUD CCID USB Reader & RNG
     . DUALi DE-620 Combi
     . FT CCID
     . FT CCID KB
     . FT U2F CCID KB
     . HID Global OMNIKEY 5422 Smartcard Reader
     . InfoThink IT-102MU Reader
     . Kapsch TrafficCom USB SAM reader
     . MK Technology KeyPass S1
     . Mulann PVT
     . Regula RFID Reader
     . Spyrus Inc PocketVault P-3X
     . Unicept GmbH AirID USB
    - Add Microchip SEC1210 UART support (when connected on a serial port)
    - Add Zero Length Packet (ZLP) support for Gemalto IDBridge CT30 and K30
      enable the patch using ./configure --enable-zlp
    - Add support of HID Omnikey 5422 as multi slot reader (for macOS)
    - Escape command: signals buffer overflow instead of silently
      truncating the buffer
    - Fix a bug with multi readers and pcscd uses hotplug_libusb (not the
      recommended configuration)
    - Some minor improvements
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