File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: .93

Release Notes

Debian Software Root Raid Documentation Documentation is included in mdadm raid tools package, and shows how to convert system to software raid system using mdadm.

Change Log

Updated installer links for woody and sarge to correct link.
- Consolidated two separate Appendix entries about "copying files" under one Appendix heading.
- Added an Appendix entry, "VIII. Verify that system will boot even with one disk off-line."
added resolution of my DMA problem in note in Step 6.4 -- I did not have my PCI chipset support compiled into my kernel. Recompiling with the correct PCI chipset support for my computer fixed my DMA off problem :-). I do not know if these kinds of notes in the document are worth keeping. But as long as they do not compromise readability, perhaps they are worth keeping. They might help others.
author: rogerhc
Added a new Appendix entry, 'IX. Setting up a RAID 1 Swap device.'
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