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Release Name: 0.16.1

Change Log

po4a (0.16.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  Martin Quinson
  * Make sure --version option of all binary works
  * [po/bin/fr.po] back to 100%

  Jordi Vilalta
  * [po/bin/es.po] back to 100%

 -- Martin Quinson <>  Wed, 26 May 2004 10:39:16 -0700

po4a (0.16-1) unstable; urgency=low

  SGML should work. Without source change, even for (simple) XML.
  Addition of a Dia module by Jordi Vilalta.
  Martin Quinson
  * [all binaries]
    - add a -o/--option flag allowing to pass options to the format plugin
  * [] 
    - Try to handle XML documents, with a big fat warning that this may fail,
      and that no bug should be reported if it does not work.
      Thanks to Jordi Vilalta for suggesting that.
    - New options to add tags to the mechanism without modifying the code.
    - Detect non-master files and report them properly. This was alioth's
      #300591 and savannah's #6438.
    - Put verbatim tags in their own msgid to avoid issues with
      mixing wrapped and non-wrapped. This was savannah's #7155.
    - Make a gentle error message when was not found.
    - Issue warnings ("hello, user. This is a feature") when msgid is
      skipped because it contains an entity alone, or because it contains
      only tags. The translation of those is always the msgid itself. 
      Thanks Jordi for falling into that trap ;)
    - Detect msgid containing one entity and spaces, and skip them also.
    - Add a 'include-all' option preventing the optimization described on
      two previous items.
    - Permit the translation of entity definition (not for file including
      ones, but for the rewrite ones). Thanks Jordi for the hint.
    - Add missing tags (articleinfo, which was savannah's #8475, and some more)
  * Fix a bunch of typos reported by Francois Gouget (thanks). 
    This was savannah's #7152.
  * [t/data-02/man.po] back to 100% success on tests
    Reformatting to match what we get. This does not impact the semantic of
    the file, and I believe the change is due to gettext.
  * [t/data-20/*; t/20-xml.t] New test about SGML plugin (when used in XML
    mode since it tests both modes at once)
  * [po/bin/fr.po] Complete translation. 
    [po/pod/fr.po] Complete translation of binaries man page.
    I reviewed the strings in the process and fixed some of them.

  Denis Barbier
  * Call 'xgettext -L Perl' instead of '-L c' to extract messages from
    Perl scripts.  
  * Remove trailing newlines from gettext messages.

  Jordi Vilalta
  * [po/bin/es.po] Add Spanish translation
  * [] New module for the diagrams saved by dia program
  * [t/21-dia.t  t/data-21] Relevant tests

 -- Martin Quinson <>  Tue, 25 May 2004 10:55:25 -0700
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