File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.17.1

Release Notes

  [Jordi Vilalta]
   - sync to en po/bin/es.po and po/bin/ca.po
   - Further improvement of the building mecanism
   - [po/pod/es.po] Add Spanish translation

  [Martin Quinson]
   - sync to en po/bin/fr.po
   - turn back my email address to tuxfamily instead of my professional one
   - Cleanups of the building mecanism
   - Rephrase some error messages here and there (sorry for keeping fuzzing
     the translation ;)
   - fix several brain dead errors in po4a (I swear I tested version 0.17 !)
   - add a threshold option to po4a(1). If we cannot fix it from the config
     file, at least we can fix it from the command file.
   - Fix Man module:
     - add support for the .na and .nh roff macro (ignored). Closes alioth\'s
       #300845, and allows to tackle apt-proxy(8).
     - .nf stops wrapping; .fi starts it again. The contrary was done.
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