File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.18

Release Notes

This release has an initial support for file encodings and XML documents. There are also lots of bug fixes and new translations for italian and catalan.

Change Log

po4a (0.18-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Jordi Vilalta]
  - [Build.PL] Ensure we run the tests before distributing a new release
  - Added encoding support (not complete by now)
  - [] Added the generic XML support module
  - [] Changed to use
  - [tests] Updated most tests to work with the encoding issues
  - [documentation] General improvements
  - [translation] sync to en po/bin/es.po, po/bin/ca.po and po/pod/es.po
    with small improvements suggested by Carme Cirera
  - [] Added Guide XML support module

  [Martin Quinson]
  - Fix several typo in messages.
    - po4a: inverting the meaning. Closes #264535 in Debian
    - po4a-updatepo: was rather poor. Closes #264537 in Debian
    - induced a perl error (not enough args for format).
      Thanks Olivier Trichet for the last one, and Danilo for the others.
  - Various documentation & messages improvements
  - [translation] Update po/bin/fr.po
  - Do not try (and fail miserably) to create path to output file when it's
    in the current directory (also in
  - [addendum] change a 'while (shift @toto) {}' to a
    'do {shift; bla} while (scalar @toto)' so that we proceed even if @toto
    contains empty strings. (Clauses: #265383) of Debian
  - stop pushline()ing empty strings since it breaks TransTractor. Also
    closes Debian's #265383. Yup, this bug is fixed twice. Slam!
  - Fix tests so that they stop make sure that the nf/fi bug of man is still
    there. Test that it does not come back instead.
  - Convert on the fly the groff horror \*(lqlibc5\*(rq, which stands for
    "libc5", with the quotes. Thanks to Phillipe Batailler for bringing my
    attention to this.
  - Add support for the groff builtin registers and for the ms
    "Displays and keeps" macros. This was needed to deal with the man pages
    of shadow and dpkg.
  - No groff nbsp (ie '\ ') on the last pos of the line, or groff adds an
    extra space. Thanks to Nicolas Francois for the info.
  - Convert \- to - on the fly. The asteatic of the printed man page may
    suffer (a hyphen is different of a minus sign in ps/pdf), but makes
    translator's life easier. Thanks to Nicolas Francois for the expertise.
  - Stick to groff_man(7) intead of man(7), and consider that when IP is
    given only one argument, that's the designator (which we have to
    translate) instead of the column indentation. Thanks Francois.
  - Deal properly with '\ ' in macro arguments. Ie, stop changing
    '.BI -a\  addresses' to '.BI "-a addresses"' (but to .BI "-a " addresses)
  - Do not eat \ at the end of the line (and put the next one on the same
    line) when we're not on a macro definition line.
  - Kill the code checking that the first argument contains no colon, since
    the filename can contain colons. This triggers false positives here.
    Thanks to Julien Louis for reporting. (Closes: #265684).

  [Danilo Piazzalunga]
  - [po/bin/it.po & po/pod/it.po] Add Italian translation

  [Carme Cirera]
  - [po/pod/ca.po] Add Catalan translation

 -- Martin Quinson <>  Wed, 25 Aug 2004 16:10:03 -0000
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