File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.15

Release Notes

How to configure, build, and install SANE.

SANE stands for Scanner Access Now Easy.
This package contains the SANE libraries (this means backends and
network scanning parts) and the command line frontend scanimage.
You always find the most recent version of SANE on:

At the same location there are also links to snapshots of the CVS server and
sometimes beta releases of sane-backends. These are unstable development
versions, so be careful when using them. Please report any problems to us. See
contact section for details.

There are several graphical frontends available for SANE, see the list at

Quick install:

make install

man sane


In order to build SANE, the following tools and libraries are required:

	- GNU make: version 3.70 or newer

	- ANSI C compiler: GNU C (gcc) is recommended for best performance,
	  but any ANSI-compliant compiler should do

Some more libraries are not strictly necessary to compile SANE, but some
functionality may be lost if they are not available:
        - libusb (>=0.1.6): Strongly recommended if you use a USB scanner.
          Some backends won't work without libusb at all.

        - libjpeg (>=6B): For the dc210, dc240, and gphoto2 backends.

        - libieee1284 (>=0.1.5): For some parallel port backends.

        - libgphoto2 (>=2.0): For the gphoto2 backend.

SANE should build on most Unix-like systems. Support for OS/2, MacOS X, BeOS,
and Microsoft Windows is also available. For more details look at the
operating system specific README.* files. For a detailed support matrix, see:

This table may be out of date. Please tell us about any corrections or
additions. Please mention your operating system and platform and all the other
details mentioned in the table. See also the contact section.

Please check that there aren't any older versions of SANE installed on your
system. Especially if SANE libraries are installed in a different prefix
directory (e.g. /usr/lib/) this may cause problems with external
frontends. Please remove these libraries (libsane.*, sane/libsane-*) by using
your packet manager or manually before installing this version of SANE.


Simply invoke configure in the top-level directory.  Besides the usual GNU
configure options, there are the following SANE specific options:

	Don't use shared libraries.  Useful for debugging or when there
	is a problem building shared libraries.  This implicitly turns
	on --disable-dynamic --enable-static as well.

	Disable dynamic loading of backends (in the dll backend).
	configure normally turns on dynamic loading when it
	can find the appropriate header files and libraries
	(<dlfcn.h> and -dl).

        Use static libraries (turned off by default).

        Preload backends into DLL backend.  This is useful for debugging,
	when dynamic loading is unavailable, or to reduce runtime linking
	overheads.  If dynamic loading or shared libraries are unavailable
	or disabled, this option is turned on automatically.
        Specify the buffer size of the buffer for SCSI commands. The default
	value is 131072 bytes (128 kb). This may be changed at runtime by
	setting	the environment variable SANE_SG_BUFFERSIZE to the desired
	value. The option is Linux-only at this time.
	--enable-scsibuffersize and SANE_SG_BUFFERSIZE have no effect for
	the Mustek, Umax and Sharp backends. For these backends, the buffer
	size is set automatically and/or can be specified in the backend's
	configuration file. Please refer to the backend's man pages for

        Disable installation of translated backend options. If you get
        errors in the po/ directory during build, use this option.
        See po/README for details.

In addition to these configuration options, there are some more SANE-specific
options and many standard-options.  To get a description of available options,
invoke configure with option --help.

If you plan on debugging one of the SANE programs, we recommend to run
configure like this:

   CFLAGS="-g -O -Wall" ./configure --disable-shared

For operating system specific information, look at the README.* files.


To build SANE, simply type "make" in the top-level directory.

To clean up the executables and libraries in the source directory, type "make
clean". To restore everything to the status after unpacking the package, type
"make distclean".

Installation and Configuration

Once the build has finished, install SANE with "make install".  By
default, this will place the SANE libraries in /usr/local/lib/, the
configuration files in /usr/local/etc/sane.d/, and the manual pages in
/usr/local/man/.  The location of these directories can be overridden
with configure options; see "configure --help" for details.

Before running any SANE program, read the PROBLEMS file in this directory.

For information on configuring and trouble-shooting the various SANE
components, please refer to the manual page sane(7).

The tools/ directory contains some small programs that may be helpful. They
are described in tools/README.


Type "make uninstall" to remove SANE from your system. This will also remove
older versions of SANE if they have been installed at the same prefix.
Warning: Your configuration files will be deleted also so make sure you have a
backup. By default the configuration files are located in the directory


For questions and general discussion about SANE contact the sane-devel mailing
list. You must be subscribed to the list to send mail. See for details.

If you want to submit a bug report or feature request please use our bug
tracking system.  See for details. You
may also contact the author of a specific backend directly. See the AUTHORS
file for a list of addresses.

Change Log

New with 1.0.15, released 2004-11-07:

* New backends: niash.
* Updated backends: agfafocus, artec_eplus48u.c, avision, canon, canon_pp,
  coolscan, dll, epson, fujitsu, gt68xx, hp, hp5400, leo, microtek2, mustek,
  mustek_pp, net, pie, plustek, plustek_pp, snapscan, sp15c, tamarack, teco2,
  umax, umax_pp, u12, v4l.
* Portability fixes (especially for MacOS X, NetBSD, OS/2, 64 bit platforms).
* sane-find-scanner detects more chipsets now.
* Added Finnish translation. Updated other translations.
* Several saned fixes.
* Build system updates.
* Documentation updates.
* Bugfixes.


2004-11-07  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: One more report about a
	  working scanner. Added link.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added some scanners.
	* configure New version: 1.0.15.

2004-11-07  Giuseppe Sacco <>

	* New italian translation update

2004-11-01  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* doc/descriptions/snapscan.desc: Status update for Epson scanners

---- CODE FREEZE FOR SANE 1.0.15 ---
-- snapshot 1.0.15-pre2

2004-10-31  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_high.h doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Removed unused gain and offset
	* NEWS: Added (planned) release date.
	* configure Disabled compilation warnings.

2004-10-31  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Additional debug output.
	* backend/plustek-usbscan.c: Fixed a warning condition.

2004-10-30  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped release number.
	* backend/plustek-usbscan.c: Fixed a bug in buffer calculation
	  for CIS devices.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.

2004-10-30  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/hp_rts88xx.desc: Moved HP 35xx
	  scanners to hp_rts88x backend. Updated status settings and URL
	  (from Updated link to Tamarack 9600 project.
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Seems to work in version
	  0.0.12 at least for one scanner.

2004-10-27  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash_core.c backend/niash.c: moving critical timing
          for backward movement to niash_core
2004-10-24  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Moved Plustek OpticFilm
	  7200 to genesys.desc (GL841 chipset). Added UMAX Astra 3400
	  (0x50 model). Added Xerox WorkCentre M15i.

2004-10-23 Giuseppe Sacco <>

	* Updated italian translation.

2004-10-21  Mattias Ellert <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/mustek.c: Remove an extra "in".
	* po/*.po: Fixing fuzzy translations (and some others).

2004-10-21  Rene Rebe <>

	* backend/avision.h backend/avision.c: update of the scanner ID table,
	  wait_4_light bugfixes, fixed color packing, fixed 16bit modes
	  (especially for big-endian systems), avoid 16bit modes for default
	  modes, fixed gamma-table for some models as well as spelling on the

2004-10-20  Rene Rebe <>

	* backend/avision.c doc/descriptions/avision.desc doc/
	  substituted my mail address and web-site to a new one - due to
	  leaving the rocklinux project

2004-10-19  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Using now the same strings for gain and offset 
	  like the umax_pp backend (bug #300962).
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* po/*.po: Update due to changes in the Plustek backend.
	* po/ Fixed gain translation.

2004-10-18  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/sane-find-scanner.c: When getting string descriptors, ask
	  for the length of the descriptor first (bug #301001).

2004-10-18  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash_core.c: 
	* backend/niash.c: correcting vertical scanning start 
	  point for changed max. page height

2004-10-17  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash_core.c: using exact number of lines for a scan

-- snapshot 1.0.15-pre1

2004-10-17  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Olivetti Job-Jet M400.

2004-10-17  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson Perfection 2480.

2004-10-16  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/epson_usb.c: Added USB ID for Expression 10000XL

2004-10-16  Mattias Ellert <>

	* backport -framework support from libtool 2.0
	* README.darwin: sane-find-scanner now works for SCSI, so removed
	  statement that said it didn't. More libusb info, and link to libusb

2004-10-16  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* frontend/saned.c: Fixed NULL string crash.
	* README.linux: Added some more details about hotplug and Gentoo
	* NEWS: Updated for 1.0.15.

2004-10-17  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash_core.c: rewrote buffer portioning
	* backend/niash_core.c (2): updated debug info 
	* backend/niash.c: Enabling support of full DIN A4 size

2004-10-16  Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-DOmain.DE>

	* backend/umax.c: added default options for Linotype OPAL2

2004-10-15  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added various scanners.
	* po/sane-backends.da.po: Updated Danish translation (from Mogens
	  Jaeger <>). 
2004-10-14  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* include/sane/sanei_wire.h sanei/sanei_wire.c: Limit the total
	  amount of memory used for arrays and pointers while decoding the
	  wire to 1 MB (bug #300158). Run "make clean" before "make"!

2004-10-14  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash.c: removing a non-ANSI conform comma.
	  adapting the gammma conversion.

2004-10-14  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* sanei/sanei_thread.c: Added missing pthread_detach() so the
	  thread resources could be reused again.

2004-10-13  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash.c: Proper resource handling in sane_cancel.

2004-10-12  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Fixed warning condition.
	* backend/plustek-usbhw.c: Cleanup.

2004-10-12 Giuseppe Sacco <>

	* Updated italian translation.
	* Added a "translators" section in AUTHORS

2004-10-11  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* acinclude.m4 config.guess config.sub configure Update
	  to libtool 1.5.10.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added link to
	  Microtek Filmscan 35. 
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx.conf backend/gt68xx_high.c
	  doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES:
	  Fixed typos. Added Packard Bell Diamond 2450 to .conf and
	  changed status to "good". Avoid error message when closing
	  scanner. Don't print max_white warning when debugging is not
	* po/ po/sane-backends.cs.po po/sane-backends.da.po
	  po/ po/ po/
	  po/ po/ po/
	  po/ po/ po/
	  po/ Recreated. Fixed
	  some fuzzy texts and added some translations to .de.po.
	* tools/check-usb-chip.c: Workaround for GT6816 detection problem
	  on BSDs.

2004-10-11  Oliver Schirrmeister (

	* backend/fujitsu.c: bugfix: 3091 did not work (15.12.2003)
	  M4099 supported (bw only)
	  enables brightness 

2004-10-10  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/test.c: Fixed typo.
	* README.solaris: Added details on building SANE on Solaris/x86
	  (from Tomasz Orlinski <>).

2004-10-10  Mattias Ellert <>

	* backend/ fix niash dependencies

2004-10-08  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp.c backend/umax_pp_low.c: 610P shading
	  calibration improvements. 1220P offset and gain fixes.
	  Code cleanups.

2004-10-08  Ullrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash.c: Added grayscale and lineart support
	* backend/niash_core.c: corrected bug in line-weight in
	  function _UnScrambleLine
	* doc/descriptions/niash.desc: changed status to complete
	  removed the color only comment
2004-10-06  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c backend/u12.c backend/plustek_pp.c: 
	  Using now the well known MODE definitions.
	* backend/plustek.h backend/plustek-usb.h: Cleanup.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes 
	  doc/plustek/Plustek-Parport.changes doc/u12/U12.changes: 
	* po/*.po: Update.

2004-10-06  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/microtek2.h doc/descriptions/microtek2.desc: New
	  version: 0.96. Added Genius ColorPage-EP (from Karsten Festag
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added link to artiscan 9600
	  project. Removed Genius ColorPage-EP.
	* include/sane/ Removed dangling
	  quotation mark.
	* backend/sp15c.c: Don't eject medium twice after each page.

2004-10-05  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/sane-find-scanner.c: Fixed compilation problem when
	  compiled without libusb support. Print sane-backends version
	  number. Print if built without libusb.
	* backend/microtek2.c backend/microtek2.h: Added backend version
	  200410042220 from Karsten Festag <>.  While
	  attaching devices only read attributes from source 0 (=
	  MD_SOURCE_FLATBED), others give wrong results. Better handling of
	  different shading depths. Including model ColorPage-EP. Workaround
	  for firmware bug for V300 (FW < 2.70). Workaround for firmware bug
	  with odd pixel numbers. Bugfix for lamp switching when using
	  LightLid35 Transparency Adaptor.

	* tools/check-usb-chip.c: Added test for interface 1 and
	  altsetting 2 for GT-8911. Unified ouitput. Formatting updates.

2004-10-04  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/ tools/check-usb-chip.c
	  tools/sane-find-scanner.c: sane-find-scanner can now load USB
	  descriptors from /proc/bus/usb/devices dumps (e.g. from the
	  unsupported scanner web pages). Minor modifications to some of
	  the chipset tests.
2004-10-04  Peter Kirchgessner <>

	* backend/hp.h backend/hp.c backend/hp-scl.c:
	  Fixed bug #300973 (renamed global function hp_init_openfd
	  to sanei_hp_init_openfd

2004-10-04  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Fixed bug #300963.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* po/*.po: Update.

2004-10-03  Thomas Soumarmon <>

	* backend/hp5400_debug.c backend/hp5400_debug.h 
	  backend/hp5400_internal.c backend/hp5400_sane.c: 
	  removing more hp5400 compilation warnings

2004-10-03  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Nikon LS-5000 ED (bug
	* include/sane/saneopts.h: Added option for turning off the
	  scanner's lamp on exit (bug #300963).
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_high.h: Used new lamp option
	  from saneopts.h (bug #300963).
	* backend/net.c doc/descriptions/net.desc: Check for (size_t) -1
	  doesn't work on 64 bit platforms as size_t is 64 bits there
	  while the length of a data block is defined as 32 bits in the
	  SANE network standard (bug #300837).
	* backend/microtek2.c backend/microtek2.h: Fixed some warnings
	  (bug #300823). Fixed Microtek Phantom C6 scanning on big endian
	  platforms. Based on patch from Matijs van Zuijlen in Debian bug
	  tracking system (#274523).
	* sanei/sanei_auth.c sanei/sanei_lm983x.c sanei/sanei_wire.c
	  backend/artec.c backend/artec_eplus48u.c backend/as6e.c
	  backend/avision.c backend/canon-sane.c backend/canon-scsi.c
	  backend/canon.c backend/canon630u-common.c backend/dc25.c
	  backend/epson.c backend/fujitsu.c backend/gt68xx_low.c
	  backend/hp5400_internal.c backend/hp5400_sanei.c
	  backend/ma1509.c backend/microtek.c backend/microtek2.c
	  backend/mustek.c backend/mustek_scsi_pp.c backend/nec.c
	  backend/net.c backend/pie.c backend/sharp.c
	  backend/snapscan-scsi.c backend/snapscan-sources.c
	  backend/snapscan-usb.c backend/snapscan.c backend/teco3.c
	  backend/test.c backend/umax-usb.c backend/umax1220u-common.c:
	  64 bit platform fixes (bug #300799).
	* backend/ tools/ Fixed DESTFILES.

2004-10-02  Thomas Soumarmon <>

	* backend/hp5400_internal.c backend/hp5400_internal.h
	  backend/hp5400_sanei.c backend/hp5400_sanei.h
	  removing some compilation warnings

2004-10-02  Thomas Soumarmon <>
	* backend/hp5400_internal.c: hp5400 version mathing test
          has been removed by default.
          To enable it :
          CFLAGS="-DSTRING_VERSION_MATCH" ./configure

2004-10-02  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added several
	  scanners. Removed Genius Vivid 1200 XE (actually supported by
	  gt68xx backend).
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx.conf backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  doc/ doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Updates of supported scanners.

2004-10-01  Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-DOmain.DE>

	* backend/umax-scanner.c, umax.conf and umax.desc:
	  added "LinoHell", "OPAL2 " as supported device

2004-09-28  Mattias Ellert <>

	* po/ Updated Swedish translation file

2004-09-27  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc doc/descriptions/snapscan.desc:
	  Changed entry for Epson 2580 (should work with SnapScan backend).

2004-09-21  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: fixed Plustek entries.

2004-09-19  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Compeye Simplex 1236C.

2004-09-14  Karl Heinz Kremer <>
	* backend/epson_usb.c: add USB device ID for CX6400 back in
	* backend/epson.c: disable "feed" command for Perfection 1640 w/ ADF

2004-09-08  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Microtek Scanmaker 5700,
	  ArtixScan 4000tf and Medion MD41985.

2004-09-06  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* configure: Regenerated.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Moved HP 35xx series to
	  unsupported.desc because these scanners use a RTS8801 chip (no
	  Genesys chipset).
2004-09-06  Jochen Eisinger <>

	* backend/mustek_pp.c: clarify error message
	* only build the mustek_pp backend, if parallel
	  port support of any kind is present

2004-09-06  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number.
	* backend/plustek-usbdevs.c: Fixed bug #300913.
2004-09-05  Julien Blache <>

	* More auth_callback() fixes, although they're not critical.

>>>>>>> 1.2283
2004-09-03  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Lexmark X1130, Dell
	  1600n. Removed Canon LiDE 35 (now in genesys.desc) and Epson
	  Perfection 2480 (now in snapscan.desc).
	* doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Added Canon LiDE 35.
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx.conf backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  backend/gt68xx_low.h backend/gt68xx_low.h
	  doc/ doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Fixed firmware name for Mustek 1248
	  UB. Changed status to basic. Removed "unsupported" warning.
	  Added workaround for shared memory compilation problem on
	  Windows. It's now possible to add a new vendor/product id line
	  to gt68xx.conf to test yet unsupported scanners without changing
	  the source code.
	* frontend/.cvsignore: Added tstbackend.
2004-09-02  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.c backend/snapscan-scsi.c backend/snapscan-options.c
	  backend/snapscan.h backend/snapscan.conf doc/descriptions/snapscan.desc:
	  Added support for Epson 2480

2004-09-01  Julien Blache <>

	* frontend/saned.c: auth_callback(): arrays are passed as
	pointers, declaring parameters as arrays of fixed size is
	useless. memset() the correct length, not sizeof(pointer).
	Caught while testing splint on the SANE sources.

2004-08-30  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Canon LiDE35.
	* sanei/sanei_usb.c: Fixed memory leak.

2004-08-29  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Epson 2580 and Nikon
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Added more clear comments.

2004-08-28  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp.c:
          option parsing fix
	* backend/umax_pp_low.c:
          minor 1220P calibration fixes

2004-08-25  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* tools/umax_pp.c backend/umax_pp.c backend/umax_pp.conf
	  backend/umax_pp.h backend/umax_pp_low.c backend/umax_pp_low.h
	  backend/umax_pp_mid.c backend/umax_pp_mid.h doc/
	  rename 'contrast' to 'offset' and 'highlight' to 'gain'. Translations
	  will need to be updated. Beginning of 610/1220P codepath merge.

2004-08-24  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Epson 2480 and Microtek
	  Filmscan 35.

2004-08-23  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/sane-find-scanner.c: Worked around a cygwin libusb
	  compatibility problem (patch from Giuseppe Sacco eppesuig

2004-08-19  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc:

2004-08-18  Julien Blache <jb at jblache dot org>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: committed patch from Aurélien
	Jarno adding USB IDs for Epson Stylus CX6400 (and doing
	s/EPSON/Epson/ on one entry to maintain consistency).

2004-08-14  Frank Zago  <fzago at austin dot rr dot com>

	* frontend/tstbackend: fixed a couple bugs.

2004-08-14  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* po/ po/ Added Finnish translation
	 (from Harri Järvi <>).

2004-08-08  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx.conf backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap:
	  Added Mustek ScanExpress 1248 UB and new version of Mustek
	  BearPaw 1200 CU Plus.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Lexmark and Xerox scanners.

2004-08-05  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* backend/teco2.c backend/teco2.h: changed to SANE_VALUE_SCAN_MODE_LINEART, _GRAY, and _COLOR,
	* backend/teco2.c: changed use of %d to %ld (when bytes values are displayed)

2004-08-04  Julien Blache <jb at jblache dot org>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: added HP ScanJet 5300C.

2004-08-04  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* AUTHORS: corrrection for teco2
	* doc/descriptions/teco2.desc: url and status change
	* doc/ update info
	* backend/teco2.c: - added for the VM6575 a WHITE_LEVEL_R, _G an _B
	  slider opion
	  -changed for the VM656A and VM6575 and VM6586 the calibration part
	  (subtract highest and lowest value and then divide).
	  -default SANE_TECO_CAL_ALGO value is now 1 for the VM3564 and
	  - preview value is now 75 dpi for the VM6575

2004-08-04  Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-DOmain.DE>
	* doc/umax/umax.FAQ: corrected bug about dtc3181e scsi controller

2004-08-03  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* aclocal.m4 configure include/sane/ Regenerated to
	  include updates from niash and resource manager inclusion.
	* doc/ doc/ Minor documentation updates.
	* doc/descriptions-external/niash.desc: Removed (backend now included).

2004-08-03  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* AUTHORS: Added niash backend maintainer and author.
	* Added niash backend.
	* backend/dll.conf: Added niash backend.
	* backend/ Added niash backend files and target.
	* backend/niash.c backend/niash_core.c backend/niash_core.h
	  backend/niash-xfer.c backend/niash-xfer.h backend/niash-types.h: 
	  Niash backend files, initial checkin.
	* doc/, doc/descriptions/niash.desc, doc/niash/niash.TODO: 
	  Initial checkin.
	* doc/ Added niash documentation stuff.
	* doc/sane-man: Added niash manpage.
	* po/ Added niash source file.
	* po/ Updated and completed niash backend translation.
	* po/sane-backends.*.po: Added niash strings.
	* backend/plustek.c: Small cleanup.

2004-07-31  Julien Blache <jb at jblache dot org>

	* frontend/scanimage.c: Added the possibility to cleanly stop a
	batch by pressing Ctrl+D when using --batch-prompt.

2004-07-28  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Logitech PageScan USB and
	  Grandtek Scopecam 

2004-07-26  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* sanei/sanei_usb.c sanei/sanei configure Added 
	  resource manager library support.
	* backend/plustek.[ch] backend/plustek-usbdevs.c backend/plustek-usbhw.c
	  backend/plustek-usbshading.c backend/plustek.conf: Added speedup 
	  parameters and TPA autodetection for UMAX3400/3450, added 
	  disableSpeedup option.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB-TODO.txt doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes
	  doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Updated.

2004-07-21  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c backend/umax_pp.c tools/umax_pp.c:
	  fixed a 610P initialization bug that shown up when changing from color
	  to grey mode. Changed version numbers.

2004-07-18  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: Added CX-5400, RX-500 and RX-600; updated version 
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Removed RX-500

2004-07-16  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/epkowa.desc: Added Epson Perfection
	  3170 Photo as it's reported to work with that backend.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added some scanners. Removed
	  Epson Perfection 3170 (now in epkowa).

2004-07-16  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/Makefile.module doc/plustek/BUILD 
	  doc/plustek/VERSION0 doc/plustek/VERSION1: Removed, no longer needed.
	* doc/plustek/Makefile.kernel2x doc/plustek/
	  Getting version information now out of the backends main file.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek_PARPORT.changes: Updated.
	* doc/descriptions/plustek_pp.desc: Updated.
	* doc/ Fixed typo.
	* backend/plustek-pp.[ch], backend/plustek-pp_*.[ch]: 
	  Added DevFS support for kernel 2.6, removed floating point 
	  operations (Thanx to Rafal Rzepecki), bumped up build number,
	  cleanup work.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek_USB.changes: Updated.
	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped up build number
	* backend/plustek-usbshading.c: Improved autowarmup, cleanup work.
	* backend/plustek-usb.h backend/plustek-usbdevs.c 
	  backend/plustek-usbhw.c backend/plustek-usnscan.c: Improved
	  fastforward stuff, cleanup work.
	* sanei/sanei_lm983x.c: Cleanup work.

2004-07-15  Rene Rebe <>

	* include/sane/sane.h: added extern "C" for compilation with a C++

2004-07-12  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/ doc/ Fixed 
	  manual page problems.

2004-07-10  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* tools/check-usb-chip.c: Added check for the GT-8911.

2004-07-10  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/check-usb-chip.c: Also check the number of interfaces for
	  the GT-6816 to avoid conflicts with other GT chips.

2004-07-09  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: New file. Added the
	  scanners listed on the brother backend page. Used "untested"
	  status as we don't have confirmation that the backend actually
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Mustek ScanExpress 1248UB.
	* tools/sane-desc.c: XML mode updates (patch from Jose Gato
	* doc/descriptions/ma1509.desc: Removed dead link.

2004-07-05  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Changed status of CanoScan D660U.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB*: Update.
	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped up build number.
	* backend/plustek-usb.[ch] backend/plustek-usbdevs.c 
	  backend/plustek-usbhw.c backend/plustek-usbimg.c 
	  backend/plustek-usbmap.c backend/plustek-usbscan.c: Added support
	  for binary scanning for the CanoScan D660U, cleanup work.

2004-07-03  Peter Fales <>

	* acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4, configure, tools/ 
	  When using pkg-config to get library flags for gphoto2, any
	  extra flags (such as -L) must be passed to so
	  that it can find the libraries in a non-standard location.
	  (Bug #300686)

2004-07-02  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* po/*.po: Updated according to changes in the plustek backend.
	* backend/plustek.c backend/plustek-usb*: Major update, see
	* doc/ Update.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Removed unsupported devices, 
	  updated some states.
	* doc/descriptions/plustek_pp.desc: URL update.
	* doc/descriptions/u12.desc: URL update, changed state of backend.
	* doc/ URL update.
	* doc/ URL update.

2004-06-30  Frank Zago  <fzago at austin dot rr dot com>

	* backend/leo.c doc/descriptions/leo.desc: added support for 
	  Genius FS-1130 Colorpage Scanner.

2004-06-30  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/Makefile.kernel26: fixed floating point issues 
	  for SuSE kernels.

2004-06-28  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Microtek and Xerox
	* tools/sane-desc.c: Added xml output (patch from 
	  jose <>). Other minor fixes.
2004-06-28 m. allan noah <anoah at pfeiffer dot edu>

	* backend/fujitsu.c: use model code instead of string compare
	   submitted by: stan at

2004-06-21  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: removed Compac S4 100 
	  (supported by the Plustek backend), added various Plustek
	  devices, changed OpticPro m12 to OpticSlim M12

2004-06-22  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/microtek2.c: Fixed some (but not all) MIN related
	  compilation warnings (bug #300823).
	* tools/sane-find-scanner.c: Look for NetBSD uscanner devices (bug

2004-06-22  Rene Rebe <>

	* backend/avision.c, backend/avision.h, doc/
	  Fixed compilation warning (Bug #300399) and added a force-a3
	  option, needed for A3 scanner returning bogus scan area definitions

2004-06-21  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* po/*.po: Updated according to upcomming changes in the plustek backend.

2004-06-20  Mattias Ellert <>

	* aclocal.m4, configure, sane/, backend/, 
	  backend/agfafocus.c, backend/artec_eplus48u.c, backend/avision.c,
	  backend/coolscan.c, backend/fujitsu.c, backend/pie.c,
	  backend/plustek.c, backend/plustek_pp.c, backend/sp15c.c,
	  backend/tamarack.c, backend/u12.c
	* Fixing bug #300602 for the following backends: agfafocus,
	  artec_eplus48u, avision, coolscan, fujitsu, pie, plustek,
	  plustek_pp, sp15c, tamarack and u12
	* Migrating the avision backend to sanei_threads (bug #300631)

2004-06-19  Mattias Ellert <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c po/ po/sane-backends.cs.po
	  po/sane-backends.da.po po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	* Option names should not be tagged for localization
	* Fixing some typos
	* New localizable strings from the gt68xx backend (pofiles regenerated)
	* Swedish translation updated

2004-06-19  Mattias Ellert <>

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c, tools/sane-find-scanner.c
	* SCSI scanners can now be selected by LUN on MacOS X
	* sane-find-scanner now finds SCSI scanners on MacOS X
	* making some sanei_scsi internal functions static

2004-05-30  Peter Fales <>

	* acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4,, configure
	In addition to using pkg-config to find the gphoto2 library flags,
	we should check to see whether it's actually possible to link
	a program using those flags.

2004-06-18  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.TODO: New file. Lots of bugs and missing
	  features for the gt68xx backend.
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c backend/gt68xx_generic.c
	  backend/gt68xx_gt6801.c backend/gt68xx_gt6801.h backend/gt68xx_gt6816.c
	  backend/gt68xx_high.c backend/gt68xx_high.h backend/gt68xx_low.c
	  backend/gt68xx_low.h backend/gt68xx_mid.c doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Updated to backend version 61. Lots
	  of fixes for coarse calibration, scanning speed and several
	  scanners. For details, see gt68xx.CHANGES.

2004-06-17  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/.cvsignore: Added *.8.

2004-06-17  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c doc/descriptions/umax_pp.desc 
	  fixed overflows in 610P shading calibration coefficients,
	  minor man update, 610P status change from minimal to good

2004-06-16  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.h backend/snapscan.c backend/snapscan-usb.c: 
	  Don't enforce even number of URB packages on 1212u_2 since
	  it causes problems. See bug #300753.

2004-06-15  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/snapscan.c: Only use __attribute__ if gcc is used for
	  compilation. Some other compilers don't know __attribute__ and
	  therefore can't compile sane-backends without this fix. See
	  bug #300803.

2004-06-15  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.h backend/umax_pp_low.c backend/umax_pp_mid.c:
	  610P gray level shading calibration fix. Added timer to let 610P
	  ASIC to settle down after probing.

2004-06-13  Julien Blache <>

	* doc/ saned is in /usr/sbin, its manpage should go to
	section 8. Fixed everything referring to saned(1) to refer to saned(8).

2004-06-13  Mattias Ellert <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added NEC Petiscan as unsupported

2004-06-13  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/sane_usb.c: Added Perfection 1650 back in that was removed by
	  mistake and finally removed Perfection 1250. 

2004-06-12  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c tools/umax_pp.c: final fixes for 610P color
	  scanning, parallel port autodetection for the umax_pp tool.

2004-06-10  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/mustek_usb.desc: Fixed version number.

2004-06-08  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek-pp_misc.c: fixed multiple parport problem for kernel 2.6.x.
	* backend/plustek_pp.c: bumped up version number.
	* doc/plustek/BUID: bumped up build number.

2004-06-08  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/RenSaneDlls.cmd: Fixed newlines.
	* README.netbsd: Mention SCSI buffer size problems and uk/ss files
	* backend/mustek.c doc/descriptions/mustek.desc
	  doc/mustek/mustek.CHANGES: Reduced scan area of Mustek Paragon
	  1200 A3 Pro. Removed warning message. Increased support level to
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added another variant of a
	  Plustek OpticPro 1248U.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Syscan TravelScan FS-531.

2004-06-06  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/epson_usb.c: remove product IDs for Perfection 1250 and 1260

2004-06-06  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan-usb.c: Don't use shared memory on OS/2 and
	  when using pthreads.

2004-06-06  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Mustek BearPaw 2448 Plus
	  and Plustek OpticPro U16B.

2004-06-05  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/README tools/RenSaneDlls.cmd: Added REXX script to convert
	  backend-DLL-filenames according to 8.3 naming convention
	  necessary for DLLs on OS/2 (from Franz Bakan).

2004-06-02  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/net.c doc/ doc/ frontend/saned.c:
	  Changed service name from "sane" to "sane-port". This is the
	  IANA registered service name for port 6566 (bug #300758).

2004-06-02  Oliver Schirrmeister <>

	* fujitsu.c
	bugfix: It is possible to read duplex color now.

2004-05-31  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* AUTHORS: Mattias Ellert has CVS write access now.

2004-05-30  Peter Fales <>
	* acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4,, configure
	Use pkg-config rather than gphoto2-config to get gphoto
	build parameters (bug #300686)

2004-05-30  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/v4l.c: Used SANE_VALUE_SCAN_MODE_* constants.
	* doc/descriptions-external/viceo.desc: Mention special kernel patch.

2004-05-29  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/sp15c.c: Fixed the fix of the sanei_thread fix 
	 (from Mattias Ellert).

2004-05-28  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* README.hp-ux: Mention trouble with higher optimization levels
	  (from Ulrich Deiters <ukd@xenon.pc.Uni-Koeln.DE>).
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Dell A920, Microtek
	  1850S and Plustek OpticPro m12. Removed HP,Scanjet 2300 (already
	  in genesys.desc).
	* backend/sp15c.c: Fixed sanei_thread fix (bug #300634, by Mattias

2004-05-27  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.c backend/snapscan-usb.c: Use shared
	  memory for urb counters

2004-05-24  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/dll.c doc/descriptions/dll.desc: Work around 8 char
	  limit for dynamic loading on OS/2 (patch from Franz Bakan

2004-05-24  m. allan noah <anoah at pfeiffer dot edu>
	* backend/fujitsu.[ch]: apply Mattias Ellert's thread patch
	                        split packet counter into r and w

2004-05-23  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/check-usb-scanner.c: Detect GL660+GL646 on USB2 also.
	  Fixed Mustek MA1017 scanner freeze problem.
	* backend/ backend/agfafocus.c backend/agfafocus.h
	  backend/microtek2.c backend/microtek2.h backend/sp15c.c
	  backend/sp15c.h backend/tamarack.c backend/tamarack.h:
	  Use sanei_thread instead of fork() in the unmaintained backends.
	  Patches from Mattias Ellert (bugs: 300635, 300634, 300633, 300629).

2004-05-21  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* sanei/sanei_pp.c: fixed compilation problem on HP-UX.

2004-05-21  Ulrich Deiters <>

	* backend/canon.c, canon-sane.c, canon.h: removed an option
	  (OPT_PAGE) that conflicted with some frontends

2004-05-18  Ulrich Deiters <>

	* backend/canon.c, canon-sane.c: memory leak and bug fixed
	  in slide scanner code

2004-05-18  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added more Canon cartridge
	  scanners. Updated Visioneer Paperport 3100b.

2004-05-18  Michael Herder <>

	* backend/ 
	  adjusted for use with sanei_thread and artec_eplus48u backend
	  (thanks Mattias Ellert)

2004-05-16  Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-DOmain.DE>

	* sanei/sanei_config.c: added DIR_SEP=";" and PATH_SEP="\\"
	  for windows (when windows.h) is available

	* backend/dll.c: added DIR_SEP definitions from sanei_config.c
	  and replaced relevant ":" by DIR_SEP

2004-05-15  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/BUID: bumped up build number.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-PARPORT.changes: update
	* backend/plustek-pp_misc.c: fixed kernel 2.6 issue.
	  fixed also Bug #300698.

2004-05-15  Michael Herder <>

	* backend/artec_eplus48u.c backend/artec_eplus48u.h: 
	  applied patch from Mattias Ellert (thanks), which adds support
	  for sanei_thread

2004-05-15  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c backend/umax_pp.c tools/umax_pp.c: fixed 
	  origin shift bug for 610P. Added on guard against configuration
	  that can put several 'port' option in conf file.

2004-05-13  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c backend/umax_pp.c tools/umax_pp.c: fixed 
	  data lines reordering for 610P

2004-05-12  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* sane-backends.lsm: Updated FTP server link to

2004-05-11  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* Remove autoconf temp files and some japi stuff in
	  distclean target.

2004-05-10  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c : fixed 300x600 dpi scans, direct
          hardware access and timing issues for 610P

2004-05-06  Jochen Eisinger <>

	* tools/hotplug/libusbscanner: latest hotplug doesn't set
	  DEVICE on 2.6.x kernels. Added a workaround

2004-05-05  Matthew Duggan <>

	* include/sane/saneopts.h: Added SANE_VALUE_SCAN_MODE_* strings.
	* backend/canon_pp.c: Used them.

2004-05-01  Jochen Eisinger <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usbmap: removed empty lines, latest
	  hotplug cannot cope with them
2004-03-15  Stéphane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c backend/umax_pp_low.h backend/umax_pp_mid.c
	  backend/umax_pp_mid.h backend/umax_pp.c backend/umax_pp.h 
	  tools/umax_pp.c:   added support for 610P

2004-05-01  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* configure Warnings enabled again. Added -cvs to
	* Added Changelog-1.0.14 to DISTFILES.

Older entries can be found in ChangeLog-1.0.14.
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