File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.19

Release Notes

* Allow modules to add automatic comments in the po file.
* Charset of translated documents can be specified with po4a and
* Improve handling of font modifiers with the Man module.
* Fix line numbers in error messages.

Change Log

  [Jordi Vilalta]
  (po4a, po4a-translate)
  * Added the -L, --localized-charset option to convert the translated
    document to the specified charset

  [Yves Rutschle]
  * Fix line numbers in error messages.  Closes: #278428

  [Nicolas Francois]
  (man module)
  * Improved testsuite.
  * Improve handling of nested font modifiers.  Closes: #277384
  * Recognize some (probably incorrect, but usual) comment lines.
  * Do not change hyphen to minus where it's forbiden (.so, .mso and \s
  * Do reset the wrapping mode when using .SH
  * Fix splitting macro arguments.  Closes: #268904
  * Do not quote the macro arguments when it would result in a breakage
    (because they are already quoted, with the need to display the quotes).
  * Add support for some macros (.R .EX .EE .cs .ss), and partial support
    for others (.ce .ul .cu)
  * Add splitargs and shiftline subroutines with some code from parse. This
    permits to handle line continuations and font requests (.B, .RI, ...)
    after a .TP.
  * fix the testsuite (make check) to take last changes into account.
  * Added the -M option to po4a-normalize
  [Martin Quinson]
  * Allow modules to add automatic comments in the po file.
  (sgml module)
  * Make <title> verbatim so that man page generation works.  Closes: #274278
    Thanks to Sylvain Cherrier for the bug report and testing the fix.
  * Eat the comments in the prolog since they can contain some '<' and '>' 
    preventing us to find the '>' closing the prolog. Closes: #278365

  [Danilo Piazzalunga]
  * [po/bin/it.po & po/pod/it.po] Update Italian translation, and
    convert them to ISO-8859-1 for now so that generated manual pages
    also have this encoding.  Closes: #273736
  * [po/bin/it.po & po/pod/it.po] Convert PO files back to UTF-8. Thanks to
    Jordi and everybody else for fixing the charset issues.
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