File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.20

Release Notes

This version introduces a large load of changes (see 
changelog for complete list). Here are the main ones:

- New modules:
  - TeX and LaTeX
  - DocBook (easing the use of the XML module)
- New translations (using the Rosetta facility): af, cs, de
- Bug fixes and improvements (too numerous to be listed

  Note that some of those bug fixes changed the xml and man
  modules in such way that some of your translation may get
  fuzzied. Sorry for the inconvinience, but we belive that 
  those bugs were really nasty, leaving us no other choice.

- Config file simplification, thanks to language templates

Change Log

po4a (0.20-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Nicolas François]
  (man module)
  * Handle requests beginning by a single quote.
  * More escapes for dots and single quotes at the beginning of a line.
  * Fix some issues with the .HP macro.
  * Fix a minor issue regarding empty lines.
  * Do not reset the wrapping mode (when set by a '.nf' request) after the end
    of a paragraph.
  * Handle lines containing only spaces as empty lines.
  * Fall back to the parser when a macro follow a '.TP'.
  * The heading of a section (.SH) or subsection (.SS) can be provided on the
    line after the macro.
  * Better support for some groff escapes (\\, \.).
  * Add a limited support for "\c".
  * Some quotes could be converted to \", which starts a groff comment.
  * Fix an issue with paragraphs starting by a new line.
    (This also touch
  * Honor "" in quoted macro argument, which represent a single double quote.
  * When a macro argument is pushed in the output document, convert " to \(dq
    if the argument has to be quoted.
  * Handling of input line continuation (\<RET>) should not be reserved for
  (TeX module)
  * Add a generic TeX module:
    - it tries to separate entities that can be translated on their own (i.e.
      paragraphs, but also some commands when they are located at the
      beginning or end of these entities);
    - permits to build derivated parsers (e.g. for LaTeX, but texinfo is also
    - allows personnalization (with '% po4a: ' lines in the tex file or a class
    - handles file inclusion.
    - customization by categories of commands
      (translated/untranslated and/or separated).
    - break paragraphs at the beginning and end of environments blocks.
    - it was tested with a book and the Python documentation
  * Add a PythonDoc and a LaTex module devirated from TeX.
    - NOTE: this module will probably be removed. Use the LaTeX module
  * \n or \t can be preceded by an even number of backslash.
  * Update French program translation

  [Martin Quinson]
  (sgml module)
  * Add <option>, <refname>, <refpurpose> and <holder> to the list of
    verbatim tags to fix the second half of #280882.
    More work needed to fix the first half.
  (debian pkg)
  * Build-depend on libtext-wrapi18n-perl for the new wrapping functions

  [Yves Rütschlé]
  * Let the 'clean' target remove po4a.log.
  (HTML module)
  * Preserve leading and trailing spaces in tag content.
  * Fix the <img> tag.
  * Translate text only if it contains some letters.
  * Add t/22-html.t
  * Files containing nothing to translate are obviously
    completely translated (set translation state to 100%).

  [Jordi Vilalta]
  (xml module)
  * Don't search an unquoted end for comments. Closes: #291831 in Debian
  * Now the strip option is enabled by default, as suggested by Denis
  * Complete the catalan documentation translation.
  * Update the spanish documentation translation with some suggestions by
    Ruben Porras.
  * Updated the scripts and modules to use the new wrapping functions.
  (Common module)
  * New module that will contain common utilities.
  * Added message wrapping functions.
  * Added support for language templates in config files
  (po/bin translations)
  * Added Afrikaans translation by Theuns Smuts
  * Added Czech translation by Vlastimil Skacel
  * Added German translation by Tim Fuchs, Sebastian Aust, Thorsten Tasch
    and Laura Ohrndorf

  [Danilo Piazzalunga]
  * Fix some (mostly cosmetic) typos, without changing the meaning of
    anything. Examples include case changes, spelling improvements, and the
    consistent use of 'addenda' as the plural form for 'addendum'.
  * Sorry, fellow translators, for all the new fuzzies.
  * Regenerate po/bin/po4a.pot and po/pod/po4a-pod.pot.
  * Update the Italian program translation.
  * Updated the expected test output to the new wrapped output.
  * Added some new test cases for man pages.
  * Rewrite the @tests array construction in t/23-man.t.
  * Specify standard column size when running some tests.
  * Build-depend on libterm-readkey-perl, needed by the wrapping functions.
  * Print full help when the user asks for --help, and a terse message

 -- Martin Quinson <>  Sun,  6 Mar 2005 11:44:39 +0100
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