File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.21

Release Notes

Mainly a bugfix release. The most important change may be the ability to pass options to modules from po4a(1)'s config file.

Unfortunately, this is undocumented yet ;)

Change Log

  [Nicolas Fran├žois]
  (TeX module)
  * Fix an issue with file excluded from inclusion:
    after a gettextization, the PO file contained two \input{x}.
  * Add a generic way to specify separators.  For example, this permits
    to translate each cell separately in a tabular environment.
  * Just warn instead of dying when the documentclass cannot be found
  (Man module)
  * Add a verbose option, for "po4a -v".
  * Add comments to the PO file, and fix the testsuite accordingly.
  * Remove the with-non_breaking_spaces and with-hyphen_to_minus options
    and document the transliterations performed in pre_trans and post_trans.
  * Fix an encoding issue with non-breaking spaces.
  * Allow multiple comment lines for a PO string.
  * Add support for options/aliases in the config files.
    First try ... undocumented feature.

  [Jordi Vilalta]
  (Xml module)
  * Handle the processing instructions ( <?...?> ) simply ignoring them
  (Docbook module)
  * Wrap by default
  (Po module)
  * Handle tabs when canonizing
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