File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.16

Release Notes

How to configure, build, and install SANE.

SANE stands for Scanner Access Now Easy.
This package contains the SANE libraries (this means backends and
network scanning parts) and the command line frontend scanimage.
You always find the most recent version of SANE on:

At the same location there are also links to snapshots of the CVS server and
sometimes beta releases of sane-backends. These are unstable development
versions, so be careful when using them. Please report any problems to us. See
contact section for details.

There are several graphical frontends available for SANE, see the list at

Quick install:

make install

man sane


In order to build SANE, the following tools and libraries are required:

	- GNU make: version 3.70 or newer

	- ANSI C compiler: GNU C (gcc) is recommended for best performance,
	  but any ANSI-compliant compiler should do

Some more libraries are not strictly necessary to compile SANE, but some
functionality may be lost if they are not available:
        - libusb (>=0.1.6): Strongly recommended if you use a USB scanner.
          Some backends won't work without libusb at all.

        - libjpeg (>=6B): For the dc210, dc240, and gphoto2 backends.

        - libieee1284 (>=0.1.5): For some parallel port backends.

        - libgphoto2 (>=2.0): For the gphoto2 backend.

SANE should build on most Unix-like systems. Support for OS/2, MacOS X, BeOS,
and Microsoft Windows is also available. For more details look at the
operating system specific README.* files. For a detailed support matrix, see:

This table may be out of date. Please tell us about any corrections or
additions. Please mention your operating system and platform and all the other
details mentioned in the table. See also the contact section.

Please check that there aren't any older versions of SANE installed on your
system. Especially if SANE libraries are installed in a different prefix
directory (e.g. /usr/lib/) this may cause problems with external
frontends. Please remove these libraries (libsane.*, sane/libsane-*) by using
your packet manager or manually before installing this version of SANE.


Simply invoke configure in the top-level directory.  Besides the usual GNU
configure options, there are the following SANE specific options:

	Don't use shared libraries.  Useful for debugging or when there
	is a problem building shared libraries.  This implicitly turns
	on --disable-dynamic --enable-static as well.

	Disable dynamic loading of backends (in the dll backend).
	configure normally turns on dynamic loading when it
	can find the appropriate header files and libraries
	(<dlfcn.h> and -dl).

        Use static libraries (turned off by default).

        Preload backends into DLL backend.  This is useful for debugging,
	when dynamic loading is unavailable, or to reduce runtime linking
	overheads.  If dynamic loading or shared libraries are unavailable
	or disabled, this option is turned on automatically.
        Specify the buffer size of the buffer for SCSI commands. The default
	value is 131072 bytes (128 kb). This may be changed at runtime by
	setting	the environment variable SANE_SG_BUFFERSIZE to the desired
	value. The option is Linux-only at this time.
	--enable-scsibuffersize and SANE_SG_BUFFERSIZE have no effect for
	the Mustek, Umax and Sharp backends. For these backends, the buffer
	size is set automatically and/or can be specified in the backend's
	configuration file. Please refer to the backend's man pages for

	Disable installation of translated backend options. If you get
	errors in the po/ directory during build, use this option.
	See po/README for details.

	Means, that some backends will use a lockfile for allowing multiple
	access to one scanner. This is useful, i.e. one frontend is scanning
	the button status and another one will scan. The path to the lock
	files is define by --localstatedir at the configure step and is 
	$localstatedir/lock/sane. The default group is uucp and can be
	changed by using --with-group=newgroup. If you do not want any
	backend to use a lockfile, simply use --disable-locking.

In addition to these configuration options, there are some more SANE-specific
options and many standard-options.  To get a description of available options,
invoke configure with option --help.

If you plan on debugging one of the SANE programs, we recommend to run
configure like this:

   CFLAGS="-g -O -Wall" ./configure --disable-shared

For operating system specific information, look at the README.* files.


To build SANE, simply type "make" in the top-level directory.

To clean up the executables and libraries in the source directory, type "make
clean". To restore everything to the status after unpacking the package, type
"make distclean".

Installation and Configuration

Once the build has finished, install SANE with "make install".  By
default, this will place the SANE libraries in /usr/local/lib/, the
configuration files in /usr/local/etc/sane.d/, and the manual pages in
/usr/local/man/.  The location of these directories can be overridden
with configure options; see "configure --help" for details.

Before running any SANE program, read the PROBLEMS file in this directory.

For information on configuring and trouble-shooting the various SANE
components, please refer to the manual page sane(7).

The tools/ directory contains some small programs that may be helpful. They
are described in tools/README.


Type "make uninstall" to remove SANE from your system. This will also remove
older versions of SANE if they have been installed at the same prefix.
Warning: Your configuration files will be deleted also so make sure you have a
backup. By default the configuration files are located in the directory


For questions and general discussion about SANE contact the sane-devel mailing
list. You must be subscribed to the list to send mail. See for details.

If you want to submit a bug report or feature request please use our bug
tracking system.  See for details. You
may also contact the author of a specific backend directly. See the AUTHORS
file for a list of addresses.

Change Log

New with 1.0.16, released 2005-08-07:

* New backends: genesys, sm3840
* Updated backends: avision, canon, coolscan, epson, gphoto2, gt68xx, mustek,
  mustek_pp, niash, plustek, plustek_pp, qcam, sm3600, snapscan, teco2,
  umax_pp, v4l.
* More functionality/fixes for sanei_usb and sanei_pp. 
* Added sanei_access to allow locking of SANE devices.
* Hotplug updates.
* scanimage updates.
* Portability fixes (especially for OS/2, 64bit platforms, BeOS+ZETA).
* Added Polish translation. Updated other translations. Fixed format strings.
* Documentation updates.
* Bugfixes.

******  Release of sane-backends 1.0.16. End of code freeze ******

2005-08-07  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* configure New version 1.0.16.

2005-08-05  St�hane Voltz <>

	* backend/genesys.c: Fixed endianess issue in slope table
	  generation. Tested ok on x86 architecture.

2005-08-02  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* po/sane-backends.da.po: Updated Danish translation (from
	  Mogens Jaeger <

2005-08-02  Mattias Ellert <>

	* po/ Update Swedish translation

2005-08-01  Eddy De Greef <eddy_de_greef at tiscali dot be>

	* doc/ updated URL for additional CIS driver info.

2005-07-31  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* NEWS: Updated.

---- CODE FREEZE FOR SANE 1.0.16 --- 

2005-07-31  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* configure Disabled compilation warnings.

2005-07-30  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/epson_usb.c: Applied Olaf Meuwissen's patch to add
	  new device IDs. 

2005-07-30  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Xerox Workcentre
	  470cx. Added link for Canon DR-2080C.
	* backend/ libsane and documentation is installed
	  correctly again.
	* acinclude.m4 configure Avoid error messages in
	  locking test. Make sure that io/cam/cam.h header file will be
	  detected correctly. 

2005-07-29  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* doc/ text update
	  doc/descriptions/teco2.desc: update status VM3564
	  doc/teco/teco2.txt: text added
	  backend/teco2.c: removed teco_request_sens command for VM3564 (bug)
	  backend/teco2.h: text update

2005-07-29  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added various Epson IDs from Olaf
	Meeuwissen; reodered some misplaced Epson entries.

2005-07-29  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Visioneer OneTouch 7300
	(0x0444,0x0211), from Derek J Frye.

2005-07-25  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/epkowa.desc: Updated according to
	  the info provided by  Olaf Meeuwissen <>

2005-07-24  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/brother2.desc: Brother DCP 7025 is
	  reported to work (bug #301960).
	* doc/descriptions-external/hp_rts88xx.desc: Moved unsupported
	  devices to unsupported.desc.
	* doc/descriptions-external/hp3770.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/hp8200.desc: Added external hp3770 and
	  hp8200 backends.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added unsupported scanners
	  from hp_rts88xx.desc. Removed HP ScanJet 3770 (now in hp3770
	  backend). Added Lexmark X75 PrinTrio.
2005-07-22  Giuseppe Sacco <>

	* italian translation update

2005-07-22  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added HP ScanJet 7400C (0x03f0,
	0x0801), from Thomas Nadolny.

2005-07-21  Gerhard Jaeger <> 

	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number.
	* backend/plustek-usbcal.c: Fixed lampsettings for CIS devices.

2005-07-15  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan-options.c: Change TPO range for Epson 2480/2580 to 
	  55x80mm^2 which is the working range for the 2580. Reenabled 
	  2400 DPI for 2480/2580.

2005-07-15  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan-mutex.c backend/snapscan-usb.c: Changes to support 
	  SANE on ZETA.
	* backend/snapscan-scsi.c: Fix compiler warnings.


2005-07-17  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/ tools/ Make sure
	  that all the necessary files will be in the distribution .tar.gz
	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Removed "const" to make gcc on OS/2 happy.
	* NEWS: Updated.

2005-07-15  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/sp15c.c: Better 4->8 bit depth expansion algorithm (from 
	  Mattias Ellert <>).
	* sanei/sanei_usb.c: Fixed comment (we still use 30 seconds USB
	  timeout by default).
	* README.zeta configure backend/
	  backend/artec_eplus48u.h backend/dll.c backend/plustek-pp_scan.h
	  doc/ frontend/saned.c include/sane/
	  po/ sanei/sanei_config.c sanei/sanei_config2.c
	  sanei/sanei_init_debug.c sanei/sanei_pio.c sanei/sanei_thread.c
	  sanei/sanei_usb.c: Changes to support SANE on ZETA. Not all
	  patches have been applied yet, but it's a start. The backends
	  are not installed as shared libs but as add-ons, which are shared libs
	  but in a specific folder in [/system|~]/config/add-ons/ named SANE/.
	  The install target has been changed to account for this,
	  Some files don't exist in BeOS/ZETA (ipc.h, ...).
	  Backend function names get a prefix, I suppose to avoid namespace clashes.
	  Though we do have a libdl to implement dl_open, the native way is prefered.
	  Added a --with-docdir= configure arg.
	  BeOS has a broken get[name|addr]info() from bind. This is fixed in ZETA R1.
	  libtool needs -no-undefined. Various VPATH fixes.
	  Check for <be/drivers/USB_scanner.h>, but not used yet.
	  No S_IFSOCK (sockets are fds to /dev/net/api). Stub pio code, untested.
	  Patch from Fran�is Revol <>.

2005-07-15  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* doc/descriptions/snapscan.desc:
	  updated comments for Epson 1670, 2480 and 2580

2005-07-15  Rene Rebe <>

	* backend/avision.h, backend/avision.c, doc/,
	  doc/descriptions/avision.desc: updated the Avision backend with the
	  latest off-site maintained version: fixed segmentation faults for
	  some modes, many many new devices, two different duplex modes
	  are supported, vast speedup of multi page batch scans, buttons as well
	  a 7-segment LED readout and some quirks for old scanners not filling
	  all fields

2005-07-15  Rene Rebe <>

	* include/sane/sanei_usb.h sanei/sanei_usb.c: Added support to set
	  the USB timeout.

2005-07-10  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  backend/gt68xx_generic.c backend/gt68xx_high.c
	  doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.TODO: Changed resolution from 75 to 100 dpi
	  and changed 16 bit/color to 12 based on a user report for the
	  Visioneer OneTouch 7300. Updated .desc. Moved check for stable
	  lamp to its own function. Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB: Use CIS
	  calibration. Use lamp warmup. Fixed CCD on GT6801 scanning (color
	  scanning was broken due to a change in motormode_2. 

2005-07-09  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* po/ po/ po/sane-backends.cs.po
	  po/sane-backends.da.po po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/ Updated Danish
	  translation (from Mogens Jaeger <>). Made
	  sure that no errors occur because xgettext/xmsgfmt think that
	  "%" is a C format string. Regenerated all po files. 

	* configure include/sane/ Make sure that
	  getopt is not built on OS/2 (from Franz Bakan <>).

2005-07-07  Frank Zago

	* AUTHORS backend/leo.c backend/leo.h backend/matsushita.c
	  backend/matsushita.h backend/sceptre.c backend/sceptre.h
	  backend/teco1.c backend/teco1.h backend/teco2.c backend/teco2.h
	  backend/teco3.c backend/teco3.h frontend/tstbackend.c: new
	  email address.
2005-07-07  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek.c: Fixed scanarea calculation.
	* backend/plustek-usbshading.c: Fixed fine-white calibration.

2005-07-05  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/epkowa.desc: Updated according to
	  the info provided by  Olaf Meeuwissen <>

2005-07-04  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek.[ch] backend/plustek-usbscan.c 
	  backend/plustek-usbshading.c backend/plustek-usbdevs.c
	  backend/plustek-usbdevs.c backend/plustek-usbimg.c
	  backend/plustek-usbmap.c backend/plustek-usbhw.c
	  backend/plustek-usbcal.c backend/plustek-usb.[ch]:
	  Added button support, did some cleanup, added IPC between
	  reader- and parent-process.

2005-07-04  ULrich Deiters <>

	* inserted a definition for SSIZE_MAX in backend/canon.h

2005-07-03  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/sm3600.c: Don't check the result of
	  usb_find_busses(). Based on patch from Julien BLACHE
	* doc/descriptions/genesys.desc: Used
	  "Medion/Lifetec/Tevion/Cytron" as manufacturer as in the other
	  backends. Used "ScanJet 2300C" as model name as in other
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added links to scanners with
	  GL646 and GL841 chipsets. Moved all unsupported scanners from
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc to unsupported.desc. Minor
	  fixes for other scanners.
	* doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Removed. Scanners have
	  been moved to doc/descriptions/genesys.desc and
	* doc/ Typo/formatting fixes.
	* NEWS: Updated for sane-backends 1.0.16.

2005-07-01  Ulrich Deiters <>

	* restored the actual version of the Canon-SCSI backend
	  (backend/canon.c, canon-sane.c canon-scsi.c canon.h)

2005-06-30  St�hane Voltz <>

	* AUTHORS backend/dll.conf doc/ doc/ 
	  po/ : Fixed forgotten modifications when adding the
	  genesys backend

2005-06-30  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* tools/RenSaneDlls.cmd backend/dll.c: Fixed OS/2 restriction for 
	  dlopening DLLs on OS/2, as it only works for 7.3 filenames for 
	  some reason (patches by Franz Bakan <>.

2005-06-27  St�hane Voltz <>

	* configure doc/ doc/ doc/
	  doc/descriptions/genesys.desc doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  backend/genesys_low.h backend/genesys_devices.c
	  backend/genesys_gl841.c backend/genesys_gl646.c backend/genesys.h
	  backend/genesys.conf backend/genesys.c backend/

2005-06-27  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek.c: Fixed "double free" problem in sane_exit.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.

2005-06-26  Mattias Ellert <>

	* po/ Update Swedish translation
	* tools/ link sane-desc to $(LIBLIB)

2005-06-12  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Removed Samsung SCX-4216F
	  (supported by samsung backend). Dell 1600n has also network
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Removed misleading
	* doc/descriptions-external/samsung.desc: Added several models,
	  updated others.
	* doc/descriptions.txt: Added "Ethernet" to list of possible
2005-06-12  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Canon CanoScan LiDE
2005-06-04  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Genius ColorPage-SF600.
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother2.desc: New. Listed scanners
	  supported by the new external brother2 backend.
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Fixed comments.

2005-05-30  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: Added CX-4600

2005-05-29  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/samsung.desc: Status of Samsung
	  SCX-4100 is "good" asit's reported to work.
	* doc/ doc/ Updated, mostly concerning kernel
	  scanner driver (deprecated). Minor fixes.
	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c backend/gt68xx_high.c
	  backend/gt68xx_low.h doc/
	  doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES
	  Start exposure with the settings from the scanner entry. CIS
	  Calibration and exposure uses a broader spectrum now. Expsoure
	  limit is increased to 50 loops. Genius Vivid 4x is reported to
	  work so the UNTESTED label is removed now. Visioneer 7300 is
	  reported to work so the UNTESTED label is removed now. Genius
	  ColorPage Vivid 1200XE: Removed UNTESTED label. Fixed
	  resolutions. Adjusted margins. Fixed color order. Fixed
	  linedistance. Adjusted AFE. Mustek ScanExpress 1248 UB: Fixed
	  margins. Adjusted AFE. Adjusted exposure. Adjusted
	  gamma. Changed status to "complete". Mustek BearPaw 2400 CU
	  Plus: Adsusted exposure and AFE parameters. Hopefully stripes
	  and similar trouble are gone now. Mustek BearPaw 1200 CU:
	  Increased exposure to avoid vertical lines. Updated manual page.

2005-05-28  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Avision DS310F. Added link
	  for the UMAX Astra 4000. Fixed missing link for Genius
	  ColorPage-Slim 1200 USB2.
2005-05-26  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/net.tex doc/sane.tex: Mention RPC codes explicitely and
	  explain what request and reply means. based on patch from
	  Johannes Berg <>. 

2005-05-25  Jochen Eisinger <>

	* doc/descriptions/mustek_pp.desc: added scanner

2005-05-23  Julien Blache <>
	* doc/, doc/ spelling
	  fixes from A Costa.

2005-05-22  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Konica Minolta Dimage
	  5400 2. Fixed bus type for Mustek 800 II EP.
	* doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Changed status of Medion
	  MD 6471 to "basic".

2005-05-22  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan-options.c:
	  Disabled 2400 DPI for Epson 2480 due to user report of
	  broken scanner

2005-05-20  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  backend/gt68xx_generic.c backend/gt68xx_generic.h
	  backend/gt68xx_gt6801.c backend/gt68xx_gt6801.h
	  backend/gt68xx_gt6816.c backend/gt68xx_gt6816.h
	  backend/gt68xx_high.c backend/gt68xx_high.h backend/gt68xx_low.c
	  backend/gt68xx_low.h backend/gt68xx_mid.c
	  doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES
	  Mustek BearPaw 1200 CU Plus model 0x21b works now. Fixed
	  firmware and offset settings. Calibration is not completely ok
	  yet, however.  Code cleanup for setup_scan (only one function
	  for all chipsets).  Simplified line mode/pixel mode setting 
	  Updated TODO.  Mustek BearPaw 2448 TA Plus is now only
	  "basic". Too much trouble for "good".  Removed option "fast
	  preview". By default for preview mode 8 bits/pixel are used.  
	  Fixed indentation.  Full scan really scans from y=0 on gt6816
	  scanners now.
	* po/ po/sane-backends.cs.po
	  po/sane-backends.da.po po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/
	  po/ po/ Regenerated
	  translation files. Updated German translation.

2005-05-16  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/backend-writing.txt: Minor updates and line-wrap fixes.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Kodak i30 and Minolta
	  Dual Scan IV. Updated link to Konica Minolta website.

2005-05-15  frank  <sane at zago net>

	* tools/ remove superflous libraries for sane-desc 
	* doc/descriptions/matsushita.desc: changed some scanner status from
	  good to minimal
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: added a few Panasonic scanners.

2005-05-13  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson Stylus RX620
	  (04b8/0811). From Mike Talbot.

2005-05-11  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek-pp_misc.c: Applied patch (see bug #301605).
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-PARPORT.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek-pp.c: Bumped build number.

2005-05-10  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* sanei/sanei_access.c: Added PATH_MAX, in case it's not defined 
	  by any header (i.e. OS/2).

2005-05-07  Mattias Ellert <>

	* README.darwin: updated the section about libusb, since all known
	  bugs have now been fixed in the libusb CVS.

2005-05-05  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES
	  doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.TODO: Plustek OpticSlim 2400: Fixed list of
	  resolutions. That fixed the preview. Removed "untested"
	  warning. Adjusted scan area.  Updated gt68xx.TODO.  Find firmwares
	  independent of capitalization (bug #301580).

2005-05-07 Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Microtek ScanMaker 3700
	  (05da/40cb). From Ian Beckwith.

2005-05-06 Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* backend/qcam.c -indent -gnu, bugreport 300128 free (devlist) added,
	  DEBUG output added and some small fixes.
2005-05-05  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Dell 922.
	* backend/mustek.c backend/mustek.h doc/descriptions/mustek.desc
	  doc/mustek/mustek.CHANGES: Added options to set the time after
	  which the lamp of the A3 Pro is shut off and to shut it off
2005-05-02  Peter Fales  <>

	* backend/gphoto2.c: Fix core dump when no port is specified in 
	  the gphoto2 config  file.  (bug #301552)

2005-04-29  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/sp15c.desc: Added ScanPartner 600C (bug
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Removed several Brother
	  scanner which are supported by the brother backend now.
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Fixed link.

2005-04-28  Julien Blache <>

	* backend/v4l.c: duplicate in attach() so that
	  each device is listed with its actual name, not with the name of
	  the last discovered device. Reported by Andreas Hartmann.

2005-04-28  Mattias Ellert <>

	* frontend/scanimage.c: Added missing braces

2005-04-27  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Added UMAX Astranet ia101.

2005-04-26  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson Stylus CX3650
	  (04b8/080e), from Daniel Sobe.

2005-04-25  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* include/sane/sanei_pp.h, sanei/sanei_pp.c: Added outb_eppdata
	  functionality (thanks to Anderson Lizardo).
	* backend/plustek-pp_procs.h, backend/plustek-pp_io.c,
	  backend/plustek-pp_misc.c: Fixed compilation problem for kernel
	  module with gcc-3.4 compiler.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-PARPORT.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek-pp.c: Bumped build number.

2005-04-24  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Fixed Minolta Scan Dual III entry
	  (bug #301512).
	* doc/descriptions/mustek.desc: Added Mustek TwainScan II SP (bug
	* doc/descriptions-external/viceo.desc: Added Primax Colorado 2200
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Canon PIXMA MP110.
	* AUTHORS: Marked Kazuya Fukuda as active.
2005-04-23  Julien Blache <>

	* LICENSE: Add an FAQ section.
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Genius ColorPage Vivid3xe
	  (0458/2017), from Ramiro Aceves through Debian BTS.

2005-04-18  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek-usbhw.c, backend/plustek-usbscan.c: Fixed
	  problem, that has been reported in conjunction with backtracking
	  and sensor-speedup option.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number.

2005-04-16  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Added and updated
	  several scanners.

2005-04-15 Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* sanei/sanei_usb.c More debug info for control and isochronous mode
	  Detection added for endpoints for  configurations, interface and
	  altsetting numbers > 0
	  Routine added for changing configuration, interface or altsetting
	* include/sane/sanei_usb.h headers and text added for
	* frontend/scanimage.c added -B option buf size
	  split up printf command to remove warning ISO C89
	  patch for bugreport 300160, ranges for width and height are wrong
	* doc/ added text -B option buf size
2005-04-13  Mattias Ellert <>

	* backend/hp-option.c: Add missing SANE_I18N
	* po/sane-backends.*.po: Regenerate .po files accordingly
	* po/ Update Swedish translations

2005-04-12  Mattias Ellert <>

	* Various man page fixes:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2005-04-11  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* acinclude.m4,, configure: the locking feature will
	  now be disabled, when the selected group could not be set.
	  The configuration script should not fail any longer.

2005-04-10  Julien Blache <>

	* backend/hp5400_xfer.h, backend/hp5400_sanei.c, backend/hp5400.c:
	  make non-SANE-standard functions static.

2005-04-10  Jochen Eisinger <>

	* backend/mustek_pp.c, backend/mustek_pp.conf, sanei/sanei_pa4s2.c,
	  include/sane/sanei_pa4s2.h, doc/ added global
	  option "no_epp" to work around a known bug in the linux parport

2005-04-02  Julien Blache <>

	* doc/ typo fix from A Costa.

2005-04-01  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* README: Added some info about the --enable-locking switch.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Moved some Plustek
	  devices over to the genesys descriptions.
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added some Plustek devices.
	* mkinstalldirs: Added -o and -g options for changing the
	  owner and group of an installed directory.
	* acinclude.m4,, configure: Added --enable-locking
	  and --with-group to enable device locking via sanei_access-lib
	  and to specify the group of the locking directory.
	* include/sane/ ENABLE_LOCKING has been added
	  by automake/autoconf.
	* backend/ Added installation of 
	  $(localstatesanedir)/lock/sane, were the lockfile should go to.
	  Also added linking of sanei_access to the plustek backend.
	* include/ Added sane/sanei_access.h.
	* sanei/ Added sanei_access.c.
	* include/sane/sanei_access.h sanei/sanei_access.c: Initial checkin.

2005-03-31 Julien Blache <>

	* doc/ fix typos, patch from A Costa.

2005-03-20 Earle F. Philhower III <>

	* backend/sm3840_scan.c: Big-endian graymode fix

2005-03-17 Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* doc/descriptions-external/samsung.desc added

2005-03-16  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Removed Microtek ScanMaker
	  4800 (supported by sm3840 now).

2005-03-16  Earle F. Philhower III <>
	* backend/sm3840.c backend/sm3840_scan.c backend/sm3840.conf
	  backend/ doc/descriptions/sm3840.desc
	  doc/ Added ScanMaker 4800 USB ID and
	  documentation, fixed PPC endianness problems, fixed
	  Makefile dependencies for sm3840 driver

2005-03-13  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Added and updated
	  various scanners. 

2005-03-04  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* doc/ text update
	  backends/teco2: use of __unused__

2005-03-03  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug-ng/libsane.hotplug: add missing quote in the grep line.

2005-03-02  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug-ng/libsane.hotplug: allow for several spaces
	  between fields in the db file.

2005-02-28  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug-ng/libsane.hotplug: replace \t by [[:space:]] when
	  grepping for the device in the db file.

2005-02-21  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug-ng: added new hotplug/hotplug-ng hook, with
	scripts and documentation.

2005-02-20  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Removed Genius
	  ColorPage-Vivid Pro II, now in external backend. Added Visioneer
	* AUTHORS configure backend/
	  backend/dll.conf backend/sm3840.c backend/sm3840.conf
	  backend/sm3840.h backend/sm3840_lib.c backend/sm3840_lib.h
	  backend/sm3840_params.h backend/sm3840_scan.c doc/
	  doc/ doc/ doc/descriptions/sm3840.desc:
	  Added sm3840 backend (from "Earle F. Philhower, III"
	* doc/descriptions-external/sm3840.desc: Removed (backend included
	  in SANE).
	* NEWS: Updated.

2005-02-14  Gerhard Jaeger <>

*	doc/descriptions-external: Added new external backend geniusvp2.

2005-02-10  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* doc/descriptions/epson.desc: Added CX-3600 and 3650
	  doc/, backend/epson.conf: Added information about
	  GT-6500 (bug #301100)

2005-02-08  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.h backend/snapscan.conf
	  Added IDs for Benq 5250C and 5000S

2005-02-08  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* sanei/sanei_pp.c: Cleanup, uses now static array for parport
	  management instead of dynamically allocated. Fixes at least a
	  potential memory leak.

2005-02-06  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc doc/descriptions/snapscan.desc:
	  Renamed "Benq" to "Benq (Acer)" for better access through the
	  scanner search engine. Fixes bug #301158

2005-02-06  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added several scanners. Minor
	* doc/descriptions-external/sm3840.desc: Added new external
	  backend sm3840.
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Updated status.
	* po/ po/ Added Polish translation
	  (from Jerzy Szczudlowski
	  <>). See bug #301054.
2005-02-04  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson CX6600 based on patch
	  submitted by Aurelien Jarno <>.

2005-02-03  Ulrich Sigwanz <>

	* backend/niash_xfer.c:
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap:
	  added ID for Silitek-HP-ScanJet-3400c-Clone
2005-01-19  Oliver Rauch <>

	* backend/coolscan.c: added initilization of dev->scanning = SANE_FALSE

2005-01-18  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.h: Added ID for Benq 5250C

2005-01-16  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/epson_usb.c: Added IDs for RX-425 (from bug report #301114)
	* doc/descriptsions/epson.desc: Added RX-425

2005-01-16  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added UMAX Astraslim
	  6000. Added Trust SCSI Scan 19200 -Excellence Series-. Added
	  ColorPage-Vivid Pro II. 
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson Stylus RX425 based on
	  bug report #301114.
	* doc/ doc/ Fixed some macros
	  (patch from

2005-01-12  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Genius ColorPage-Slim
	  1200 USB2.
	* doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Added Canon Lide 40.
	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc: Added several scanners
	  and updated the status of others based on user comments.

2005-01-12  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug/libusbscanner: use sysfs to get the device number,
	  instead of guessing (it ended up being wrong in a number of
	  cases...). Fix from Ubuntu, transmitted by Martin Pitt.

2005-01-12  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* backend/plustek.c: Bumped build number. Copyright Update.
	* backend/plustek-usbscan.c backend/plustek-usbshading.c: 
	  Using now PhyDpi.y as selector for the motor MCLK setting. 
	  Copyright Update.
	* backend/plustek-usbdevs.c: 
	  Tweaked motor settings for EPSON and CANON1200. Copyright Update.
	* backend/plustek-*.[ch]: Copyright Update.

2005-01-09  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Guillemot scanner.

2005-01-09  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/epson.c: "flaming hack to get USB scanners working without timeouts 
	  under linux" submitted by "Steve" (in comment to bug #300830)
	* doc/descriptions/epson.desc, doc/ 
	  Added SCSI version of GT-5000 to supported list.

2004-12-29  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/sane-find-scanner.c: Added a hint about switching the
	  scanner on and connecting it to the computer before doing

2004-12-26  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* doc/descriptions-external/hpaio.desc join two lines so html
	  conversion possible
	  doc/descriptions-external/stv680.desc added two webcams with
	  different usb vid and pid 
2004-12-26  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added several scanners.

2004-12-18  Karl Heinz Kremer <>

	* backend/epson.c backend/epson_usb.c: Added USB IDs for
	  CX-3650 and CX-4600 and updated version number.

2004-12-15  Gerard Klaver <gerard at gkall dot hobby dot nl>

	* doc/descriptions-external/hpaio.desc stv680.desc 
	  Info new external backends
2004-12-01  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.c backend/snapscan-scsi.c backend/snapscan-options.c:
	  Added quality calibration for Epson 2480 (implementd by Simon Munton)

2004-12-07  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/gt68xx_devices.c: Disabled stop_scan command for Mustek
	  BearPaw 2448 TA Plus.

2004-12-05  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/ doc/ Fixed minor
	  glitches based on patch from Eric S. Raymond <>.
	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Added Benq 320p.

2004-12-04  Julien Blache <>
	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson Perfection 4870
	  Photo, vendor 0x04b8 product 0x0128.

2004-12-01  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.c: Applied fix for allocation of gamma tables
	  (thanks to Simon Munton)

2004-12-01  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: removed Epson Perfection 1270

2004-12-01  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* backend/snapscan.h backend/snapscan.c backend/snapscan-scsi.c 
	  backend/snapscan-options.c doc/descriptions/snapscan.desc: 
	  Added support for Epson Perfection 1270

2004-12-01  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/umax1220u.desc doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc
	  doc/descriptions-external/genesys.desc: Added several scanners. Moved
	  UMAX 2100U to umax1220u.desc. Moved Plustek S(T)12 to unsupported.desc.

2004-11-28  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions-external/brother.desc. Updated comments. 9160 works.

2004-11-21  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: Updated/added several scanners.

2004-11-21  Gerhard Jaeger <>

	* backend/plustek-usb.c: Fixed problem, when builing supported
	  and connected device list.

2004-11-19  Rene Rebe <>

	* sanei/sanei_usb.c use usb_interrupt_read instead of
	  usb_bulk_read for sanei_usb_read_int. Fixes bug #300878. Added a
	  missing DBG output in sanei_usb_read_int. Check for
	  usb_interrupt_read to make sure, we have at least version 0.1.8.

2004-11-19  Rene Rebe <>

	* backend/avison.c doc/descriptions/avision.desc
	  doc/descriptions/unsupported.desc: just added new IDs including
	  moving the HP 82xx to the avision backend

2004-11-19  Gerhard Jaeger <>
	* backend/plustek.c backend/plustek-usb*: Major update, see
	  doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes. Esp. improved support for multiple
	  devices and autodetection.
	* doc/plustek/Plustek-USB.changes: Update.
	* doc/descriptions/plustek.desc: Updated release number.

2004-04-15  St�hane Voltz <>

	* backend/umax_pp_low.c: non i386 linux compilation fix,
          1220P gray levels scan hang fix, 1220P color calibration tuning.

2004-11-14  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* snapscan-sources.c: Applied patch by Julien Blache to change
	  ch_past_init from SANE_Int to SANE_Bool

2004-11-14  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/gt68xx.c backend/gt68xx_devices.c
	  backend/gt68xx_gt6801.c backend/gt68xx_gt6816.c
	  doc/descriptions/gt68xx.desc doc/gt68xx/gt68xx.CHANGES: Fixed test
	  to move home sensor at the start of scan.  Fixed gray mode
	  linemode test. That stopped e.g. the Plustek OpticPro U 16 B from
	  working in gray mode.

2004-11-13  Frank Zago <fzago at austin dot rr dot com>

	* include/sane/sanei_backend.h: Added compiler attribute __unused__ 
	  for unused variables/functions.

	* backend/leo.c backend/teco3.c backend/matsushita.c
	  backend/sceptre.c backend/teco1.c: use __unused__
	* sanei/sanei_wire.c sanei/sanei_pa4s2.c sanei/sanei_scsi.c: 
	  fixes for 64 bits platforms.
	* backend/sp15c-scsi.h backend/sp15c.h backend/dc210.c backend/dc210.h:
	  fixes some warnings.
2004-11-13  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* backend/v4l.c: 64 bit fix from Frank Zago <fzago at austin dot
	  rr dot com>.

2004-11-13  Julien Blache <>

	* tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap: Added Epson Stylus Photo RX500,
	  Epson Stylus Photo RX600 and Minolta Scan Dual II.

2004-11-10  Oliver Schwartz <>

	* snapscan-sources.c: First implementation of deinterlacer for epson
	  scanners at high resolutions (thanks to Brad Johnson)

2004-11-07  Henning Meier-Geinitz <>

	* configure Updated version. Enabled compilation
	* doc/releases.txt: Updated according to current practice.

Older entries can be found in ChangeLog-1.0.15.
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