File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.22

Release Notes

Nothing was released since a long time, but a lot
of work was done since the last release.

This release comes with a ton of bugfixes and
other improvements. The most significant new
features are:
 * po4a      support for options in the po4a
             configuration files.
 * TeX/LaTeX the command and environment arguments
             parsing was reworked, and permits
             to specify the behavior of most
             LaTeX commands.
 * Man       support for the .de, .ie or .if
 * Sgml      Add support for translating
             attribute values.

Some of the po4a dependencies are now optional.
This should help using po4a on systems where
these dependencies are not available.

These dependencies are only used for a better
display of the messages
(po4a warnings and errors):
 * liblocale-gettext-perl
   translated po4a messages (warnings and errors).
 * libtext-wrapi18n-perl
   wrap the messages on the terminal.
 * libterm-readkey-perl
   retrieve the terminal size. (otherwise COLUMNS
   is used)

A new script is also distributed with po4a:
It will help you when you want to eradicate a
typo in a msgstr without needlessly fuzzying the

Change Log

po4a (0.22-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Nicolas Fran├žois]

  (Sgml module)
  * Fix a typo in the "keyword" tag.
    Thanks to Chris Karakas.
  * Add the DocBook's contrib and epigraph tags
  * Be stricter on the regex matching entities
  * Escape more chars in CDATA. This fixes #301335 (on Alioth)
  * Append the content of a CDATA to the current buffer because it was
    not output at the right position
  * Don't forget some {PO4A-beg/end} in the output document
  * Ignore (ie, remove) <![ IGNORE [...]]> sections
  * recognize numerical character entities (e.g. &#38;)
    Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
  * Improve speed
  * use the nsgmls -wno-valid option to avoid some errors since we include
    all parts conditional inclusion constructs, for example.
  * fix the spacing of the verbatim blocks.
    Thanks to Julien Louis (ptitlouis) for reporting.
  * Various other little fixes and improvements
  (Man module)
  * Fix the .ds macro (it arguments must be translated, except the name of the
    variable, which must be dispalyed to the translator)
  * implement .vs, .hw .EQ and .EN macros
  * Do not wrap the first line following a .TP
  * translate the .ta arguments in case they contain a word
  * better support for .B or .I macros when they don't have arguments and are
    followed by a font macro, a .SH, a .TP, or a .IP
  * fix the translate_exh function
  * Fix some issues with the '-' to '\-' transliteration
  * Add support for the .de, .ie and .if section with the groff_code option
  * Add options to deal with new options defined with .de, or options not
    supported by po4a (untranslated, noarg, translate_joined,
    translate_each, no_wrap, inline)
  (TeX & LaTeX modules)
  * New syntax for the "% po4a:" line.
    This alow command to mix optional and mandatory arguments.
  * remove the old category (untranslated, translate_each, ...) This was
    problematic when a command is follwed by a block ({...}).
  * Update the definition of the common LaTeX commands and environments.
    All these definitions are now in the LaTeX module.
  * Allow 3 mode of separation for the commands at an extremity of a block
    (separate and translate the parameters that must be translated
    separately, separate and translate the command with its parameters, only
    separate if the command is alone in a block).
  * Allow to translate the \begin command with all its arguments attached.
  * Make error messages translatable.
  * document the support for options/aliases in the config files.
  * Update French translation
  * Fix some issues in the French translation of the manpages.
    Thanks to Julien Louis (ptitlouis).
  (Docbook module)
  * Add the 'screen' tag, which should not be re-wrapped.
    Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
  (Xml module)
  * Do not break paragraphs on comments, just remove them.
  (Po module)
  * Restore the trailing spaces in
    This fix an issue with the lang attribute of an XML file ('en' was
    normalized into 'en\n').
    This needed a minor correction of and
  (Debian package)
  * bump Standards-Version to 3.6.2
  * do not build depend on libsgmls-perl
  * depends on ${misc:depends}, ${perl:Depends} instead of perl | perl5
  * only recommends liblocale-gettext-perl

  [Fran├žois Gouget (]

  (Xml module)
  * Append the encoding attribute if it is not defined in the <?xml> tag.

  (Sgml module)
  * Use a regular expression to simplify the tag kind check.
  * Assorted spelling fixes.
  * If relative, the path of included file must be considered to be relative
    to the path of the master Sgml file.
    Fixes bug #300874 on the Alioth tracker, for the Sgml module.
  * The debug option is a space separated list of channels to print
    information for. So we must split it to set $debug.
  * Check the nsgmls exit code and issue an error if it is non-zero.
    This lets us detect the case where nsgmls is missing.
  * Add support for translating attribute values.
  * Add a 'qualify' option to denote which attributes should get an
    msgid 'qualified' by the attribute name.
  * Don't qualify the lang attribute by default for consistency with
  * Rename the 'attribute' option to 'attributes' for consistency with

  (Po module)
  * Add a porefs option controlling the file reference verbosity, and thus
    the diff verbosity.

  * Store '\$@' in an intermediate variable so it does not get clobbered
    before we report the plugin-load error.

  * Clarify the '--option' documentation.
  * Remove unneeded imports of TransTractor::VERSION.

  * Remove unneeded imports and exports of TransTractor::VERSION.

  * Various documentation improvements
  * Implement wrappers for textdomain(), gettext() and dgettext() in
    Po4a::Common to make the dependency on Locale::gettext optional.
  * Remove unused load_config export in Po4a::Common
  * Make the Text::WrapI18N and Term::ReadKey dependencies optional

  [Jordi Vilalta]

  (Docbook module)
  * Add the missing > in <structname>

  [Martin Quinson]

  * Document the dataflow to explain that this tool cannot be used to
    gettextize (Closes: #313165)

  (Sgml module)
  * Allow prolog entities which are not SYSTEM ones
  * Fix the way included files are looked for (was broken when everything is
    in the same dir)

  (Transtractor module)
  * Allow to pass options to the po modules as to the plugins.

  (Po module)
  * Issue an useful error message when the gettextization fails because there
    is not the same amount of entries (Closes: #325314)
  * Tell that the gettextization documentation contain some hints to help users
     in this painful task

  (Random scripts)
  * msguntypot: help eradicating typo in msgstr without needlessly fuzzying
    the translations.

  [Yuri Kozlov]
  * Program translation to russian (po/bin/ru.po) (Closes: #324247)
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