File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.23

Release Notes

The most important changes are:
  * much work has been done to ease the automation of po4a in package makefiles. Check the new options.
  * Lots of work in the Sgml and Xml (Docbook) modules
    (now works with all SGML manuals of the Debian Documentation Project, thanks to the work of Thomas Huriaux)
  * New Text module
  * Polish translation

Change Log

po4a (0.23-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [Thomas Huriaux]
  * only updates the POT if a master document is more recent than the existing
    POT. Closes: #339459
  * New --variable option.
  * refentrytitle can be specified inside a sentence. Move this tag to the
    inline category.
  * There can be spaces between the entity definition and '>'.
  * Some fixes in the line references counting mechanism.
  * Add a ignore-inclusion option. It permits to avoid including external
  * For the conditionnal inclusions, use the <po4abeg name="..."> and
    <po4aend> tags to fool nsgml instead of the {PO4A-beg-...} and {PO4A-end},
    which caused extra tags to be added by nsgmls.
  * Do not fail when the file pointed by a system entity does not exist and
    this entity is not used.

  [Nicolas François]
  * If a line could not be wrapped (e.g. because of a more than xx chars
    link), the rest of the paragraph was not rewrapped.
    Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
  * Add a write_if_needed subroutine to check if an update is needed.
    see #339459.
  * A new very simple module for text documents. Closes: #243753
  * support for multiple master/localized files. Closes: #319208
  * Do not re-wrap the prolog entities on one line.
  * An external entity can be referenced as &entity; or &entity. The second
    case is now supported. Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
  * Do not include the commented entities.
  * support for the 'qref' tag.
  * Support for the processing instructions (pi) (e.g. <?xml...?>).
  * Fix various issues when po4a is not run in the master file directory.
  * The inline tags were not added to the tags path. It should now be possible
    to put "<tag1><tag2>" in the 'tags' category, even if <tag1> is in the
    'inline' category.
  * The encoding declaration must be added before any standalone document
    declaration. Otherwise the document is not valid. Thanks to Olivier
    Trichet for noticing.
  * First attempt to translate the entities.
  * When a tag is added to the 'inline' or 'tags' category on the command
    line, the default tags in should not add this tag in the other
    ('inline' or 'tags') category.
  * New "nodefault" option, to avoid a specified tag to be set in the tags
    or inline category by defaut.
  * Add a set of options that could be useful for the maintainers:
    --no-translations, --rm-translations, --no-backups, --rm-backups
  * Add a --force option that force the re-generation of the POT and PO files.
  * If the POT is updated (see Thomas change above), check that this update is
    really needed (avoids changing only the POT-Creation-Date field).
    see #339459.
  * The error message when msgmerge failed was wrong. Closes: #339453
  * Fix the --quiet option. CLoses: #342293
    Thanks to Brendan O'Dea.
  * Update French translation, use non-breaking spaces where needed
  * Fix a lot of typos in the French translation. Thanks to Frédéric Bothamy.
    Closes: #341175
  * Update the Swedish translation according to Rosetta
    (I can't update more languages. The update process of Rosetta is ways too

  [Danilo Piazzalunga]
  * Update Italian program translation.

  [Robert Luberda]
  * Program and manpages translation to Polish. Closes: #340877
  * Fix of the build script for the languages that don't use latin1 for their
    man pages.
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