File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: release 2.0.2

Release Notes

Release 2.0.2 (2006-01-04)

 * Corrected myspell dict file count line.
 * Made it easier to replace 'echo -e' for platforms where -e is not a
   valid option to echo.
 * Added 'install-doc' target to install documentation files.
 * Install ispell dictionaries using 'nb' and 'nn' names, and make
   symlinks to these from the old names.
 * Add script and make rule 'freq-update' to update the frequency
   information based on data from NTA, <URL:>.

 * New words:
   - fremover (nb).
   - Internet (nb,nn).
   - internettet (nb).
   - sær-emne (nb).
   - vassdrags-tiltak (nb).

 * Changed words:
   - Updated lots of words with freq 0 to the freq value provided from
     NTA.  This added 9787 words to the nb list.
   - Update frequency information for all new words in 2.0.1.  Set to
     '1' for words not available from NTA, to make sure they are
     included in the nb dictionary.
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